Wednesday, November 12, 2008

hasay 4 - wednesday update

hasay, you ask??
remember?? i've been updating on my progress each and every wednesday with the hasay club challenge??????? don't remember? where have you been?
well go here and here and here! then come back.
ok...are we all together now?
hasay, you ask??

hooray! for me!
i lost 4 pounds this week! did you hear me?????
4 pounds!
how did i do it??

i have no idea.

but i'll attempt to tell you because that would have been a really crappy blog-post.

so...anyhoo, here's my strategy.

1. trick or treat.
2. spend the first week after halloween eating ALL the good candy. deal with the minimal weight loss.
3. encourage your children to eat only the good stuff... " don't want nerds! you want this delicious reeses peanut butter cup...don't you?? don't you????? mommy said eat the damn peanut butter cup!" (ok, maybe i didn't say damn.)
4. refuse to buy any chocolate for your house.
5. have family come over on monday right! after! work! and spend the entire sunday with a higher than average temperature on your thermostat ... crazily cleaning your entire house. worry.

see...i was destined to lose weight this week!

in other (related) news.
all of you will just have to get used to the fact that this is now what my wednesdays are all about. deal!

food: i ate a lot of salads for lunches this week. husband brought home a massive costco sized salad. my goal is to eat more than 75% of it before it goes bad. we've eaten a little more than 1/2 of it so far. but economically speaking...significantly smaller size, same price at the local grocery store. leads me to believe that we are making a good choice. and at least we compost what we don't use!
he also brought home a bag of 6 bell peppers. yummo. and sugar snap peas. mmmmm. because of that yumminess...i resisted treats for the most part this week.
biggest change...we're down to the crappy halloween candy.
i made brownies. but i really haven't overloaded on them. we had 8 left after the party...and 2 days later, there are still 4. good, huh? and if i eat a brownie with my coffee in the morning...i'm less likely to want one later? what's that all about?

exercise: yippee! husband is picking up the elliptical machine today! i can work out on it tomorrow! (did i just say yippee! i get to work out?? what the hell is wrong with me?)
i've continued to do sit ups and bits of exercise here and there throughout my day.
shhh...don't tell anyone...but between groups of kids...i have actually gotten down on the floor in my room and done sit-ups, lunges and wall sits. and jumping jacks. i'm sure i look like a fool.

all in all...i think i'm seeing results and i'm feeling better about doing it. it's not such a chore when i have people jumping in and asking me how i'm doing...and FILLING my email inbox with loads of hasay updates. seriously people! when do you have the time???
maybe i should do 10 sit-ups for every email update i get.

or maybe not.


steenky bee said...

Four pounds?! You lucky-duck! I'm jealous....but still happy for you. But slightly more jealous.

A Buns Life said...

That's flippin awesome!! Great job!

Laufa said...

Woohoo 4 pounds! Yay Elliptical. Sorry about the e-mails. Have a great day, I want a brownie. :>(

Keely said...

Sa-weet! Of course now I want a brownie. THANKS.
And the 10 situps for every email? Um..ouch. Why would your brain even go there??

Cristina Mathers said...

4lbs! you rock!

Debbie said...

Congrats!!!! Great job!

Can you lose four for me please?

And I'm terribly jealous of your different colors and fonts in your post. Do you do that in the html part or is it an option with blogspot?

Connie said...

YAY! 4 pounds!

I'm totally going to adopt your Brownies for breakfast eating plan!

Casey said...

Dude, four pounds is completely amazing. Amazing enough to forgive me for starting a sentence with dude. Dude. Salads and veggies don't make it on my plate often so kudos to you for eating them. Yes, it's funny to hear some be HAPPY about an elliptical but I get it. Mine is collecting dust in my bedroom but I keep promising to start. Way to go with HASAY, your brownie theory must really work. Uhm, ten situps per email? You'd be passed out on the floor.

Christy said...

Losing weight is hard. 4 pounds is AWESOME! I am impressed!

mrsbear said...

Four pounds is nice. And you haven't even started ellipticizing yet...that's not a word, is it? Good job. Eat a brownie for breakfast, you deserve it. Maybe accompanied with a salad? Just a thought.

little.birdy said...

Yaaay! :D