Wednesday, October 22, 2008

perhaps a little motivation will help.

so my "friend", jen "at" steenkybee, "alerted" me to another "blogger" that is "hosting" a weight-loss "club".

sorry about the unnecessary quotations...i just read a funny blog about unnecessary quotations...and as soon as i started with the "friend" thing...i couldn't help myself. it's my whacked sense of humor, i guess. you are totally allowed to ignore that first paragraph. but you must pay attention to the rest...there might be a quiz.

i have been in a really difficult place with myself lately. i love myself. i really do.

this body was able to create and birth two gorgeously beautiful blue-eyed blondies. with no meds. no meds. i'm very proud of myself for that.

this body got me a terrific husband. (or maybe that was just my personality and brains. who knows?) but still, a husband that loves me irregardless of what i look like.

this body is me.

but i don't like what it looks like anymore.

i'm loved. but i want to love what i look like. it's a completely selfish desire. but one that i want to accomplish.

so i'm jumping into the club. i've heard rumors that they will kick my ass into gear. is that what she said in the email? sounds harsh. but maybe i don't need anyone quietly motivating me. maybe this is just what i need. here's my first assignment.

side note...why can't everyone not use capital letters? i hate having to erase and correct all those damn capital letters when i cut and paste. seriously...time, folks! i don't have a lot of it!

first assignment:
write and publish a blog post on your site detailing the following information:

what motivates you and why do you want to do this challenge?
motivations...the desire to never have to be tested for diabetes. the desire to love what i look like in the mirror. the desire to run around the yard with my kids. the desire to have my husband think he just acquired a trophy wife.
why?...cause i want to love myself more than i already do. because my mom and her 2 sisters all have diabetes...and i don't want to prick my fingers.

what is your long term goal?
i want to wear a size 10. or 8. that's 3 (or 4) sizes folks. i realistically think i can get there with perseverance. and less eating out.

what is your long term weight loss goal?
i have no idea what the above will look like in poundage. i'm guessing 25-30 pounds?

what tools are available to you?
i have a membership at curves that is ending this month. which is good. i haven't been getting there. my time with my girls was too precious, already. husband will be bringing home my elliptical machine from another location (borrowed to someone else, when i got the curves membership). i have a dog. i have the girly-girls. i have trails in the valley. i also have winter rearing it's vicious head. so...i have an elliptical machine.

how often can you exercise?
i want to her description here...she called us fatties. just for that...i'm gonna exercise 5 mornings per week.

what do you plan on doing?
my plan is to set my alarm for 5:45. i will not hit snooze. i will start a pot of coffee and go downstairs on my elliptical machine for at least 20 minutes. i will do 10 sit-ups (for starters). and then i will shower and get ready, before the girls get up. then, i'm not wasting the time that i have with them.
my eating plan, is to call my friend (a dietician) and ask for some suggestions. she's amazing and beautiful and highly recommends chocolate. but in moderation. i want her to help me.

what has worked for you in the past?
i've never had to work for it. in the was easy. i rode up to 5 horses a day. i ate whatever i wanted. i occasionally pulled out my yoga for abs dvd.
what hasn't worked in the most recent workouts that bore me, eating whatever i want, not caring, being too busy to eat healthy and not having people there to kick my ass.

i think i need the ass-kicking, everyone. so...i'm gonna post in my side-bar my weight loss. every week. (which means i need to buy a scale.) i might just need y'all to keep the motivation going.

wait...don't help.
just keep kicking my ass until i reach my goal.

oh yeah. no quiz. just wanted to keep you on your toes.


Casey said...

Man, I totally relate to everything up there. Diabetes runs in my family but I never think about the threat of getting it from being overweight. Thanks for that motivator. I too don't want to give up my time with my kids, it's such a hard balance because now I can only exercise at night or if I bring them with me. I haven't been happy with my body in probably seven or eight years so I've got a lot of work to do here. I was only calling you a fattie because I care, I hope you see that! ;) These are some great motivators and realistic goals. Good luck and welcome to the club!

steenky bee said...

"Sister", I love that you're joining the "club". Yay! Also....I totally heart unnecessary quotation marks site. I need to find the one for (parenthesis) too.

Seriously Mama said...

Welcome to the club! How'd your first day go? I have another WW meeting tomorrow night. Email me if you want the lowdown...

Ali-Pants said...

So glad you joined! I'll be here kicking your ass if you'll kick mine. Woot!

Connie said...


I could have just written your post...except I haven't joined a club.

This morning I started my 'new and improved' exercise plan which includes getting up at 5:45 am and working out on my Elliptical Machine. (I almost read your post while I was exercising but then I realized it would be difficult to comment.)

I also have 3 sizes and 30 (maybe 40) pounds to lose.

All of this was jump started by getting my hair cut!

You are going to do GREAT! And maybe your 'friend' will help me too. Since I regularly feed her chocolate! LOL!

Christy said...

Good luck! I hope it works out for you! I have been trying to lose weight too. It is tough.

Meaghan said...

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amanda said...

ok first i am totally laughing about the capital letters thing!! i sooo agree honey :)

as for the weight kicking - best wishes! i know you can do it!!

Kat@MotherFonker said...

Hi, "Jen".

Just "dropping by" to "whup ass".

hee.. "I like the quotation marks."