Saturday, October 11, 2008

34 years old, 34 reasons why we love you.

today is daddy's birthday!
(so sorry that you are stuck in boston for it though. and super sorry that i don't want to drag the girly-girls across the country to see you...mommy just doesn't trust flying stand-by when i have to work on monday.)
so we did the next best thing! the girly-girls and i have compiled a list of 34 reasons why we love you, on your 34th birthday...

here it is...

1. you aren't mad that we thought the 11th was on sunday and completely neglected to say happy birthday until you mentioned that it is the 11th today. (sorry about that.)
2. because you are kind
3. you make the goodest campfires
4. you love tinkerbell
5. you are the only boy in our family
6. you send us pictures of the statue of liberty when you fly over it
7. you gave $ to a homeless man at a bus stop, to purchase an alarm clock, without fear that it would be used for something else
8. you love mommy...even when she drives you crazy
9. you love belly...even when she is acting like a 15 year old hormonal nightmare
10. you love coconut...even when she is screaming
11. you are tall (and can reach the highest apples)
12. you play barbies with me (not me...her)
13. you can be the boy barbie
14. but sometimes you think you get to be the girl...but i say no and you listen
15. you took me on the swing ride at the longa-longa-merica
16. your smile
17. your laugh
18. the way that you sing things that make absolutely no sense
19. the way that you have to add really LONG pauses to think of something that rhymes
20. the way that you put up with my slightly crazy family
21. the way that you put up with your slightly crazy family
22. how you lift coconut up to touch the leaves of the trees
23. when you come home from a long trip
24. you didn't get upset when belly said she wasn't going to miss you because then she gets to eat snacks in the living room while watching cartoons while you are gone.
25. your hugs
26. you love to take mommy on dates to belly's fish cafe or pizza cafe or whatever it is that she chose her "restaurant" to be at that moment
27. you read books to coconut
28. you read the girl who eats the whale poem (that completely makes mommy gag)
29. you love to go camping with us
30. you take us for walks in the valley
31. you let mommy bring her camera in the valley on the walks (which usually ends up adding significantly to the time of the walk)
32. you let me take long showers when you get home from a trip, without complaining
33. you are an amazing daddy
34. and a spectacular husband

we love you daddy. happy birthday.


jenboglass said...

This was a beautiful list. I'm sorry you're away from your hubby on his birthday. (Frown) How adorable is it that he likes Tinkerbell. Wait? That's tinkerbell the fairy, right? What if Tinkerbell is your dog or something. That wouldn't be adorable at all. That would be a responsiblity. Happy Birthday Jen's Husband!

jen said...

i have NO idea about the tinkerbell thing.
it was just something that my 4 year old spewed during my request for the list.
and i typed it.
yet i don't understand it either.

TUTU Monkey said...

Ahhh what a nice list!


Thanks for popping in. I have enjoyed visiting you also. You take lovely photos and your kids are delicious!!!

Sara said...

Happy Birthday! Hope to see you all soon!!

Chen,Shun-Chuan said...
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steenky bee said...

Sorry about Chen. He/she's been on everyone's site today. I need to go back and actually read that comment. :)

M. Edward Robinson said...

I've been reading for the past few days, you're on the blogroll now. I love this stuff--heartfelt to the max!

Stella and Thomas said...

Happy Birthday! What a good daddy!

I missed the Chen comment...hmm, interesting.