Tuesday, October 7, 2008

more apples...please!

so...more apple orchard pictures. these ones are the ones that made me laugh. last post...cute. this post...more silly. except for the last 2. those include my beautiful niece and my handsome nephew. they were very willing to have the camera in front of their cute little faces. my kids...not so much.

my attempts at getting a cute picture in the cornfield...resulted in nada. seriously...they could not both look at me at the same time. the only one where they both were looking in my general vicinity...looked like children of the corn. seriously. too scary to post.

belly is all about posing. there is nothing cute about posing. i'm trying to explain this to her. it goes in one ear and out the other. where do girls learn this crap? maybe i should start watching more america's next top model or something, so that at least she can get some pointers. or maybe not.

this picture makes me giggle. i love cloth diaper baby bottoms. there is such a fluffiness to them. remind me to share my favorite cloth diaper lady with y'all! (off topic but related?...up-coming 100th post...and a giveaway from the same lady that makes our awesome diapers. we love her!)

what my marvelous husband won't do for a photo op. :) i tried to move the leaves, but mother nature wouldn't cooperate. (maybe that is my running theme from this trip!) but, my niece...gorgeous. wouldn't you agree?

and there is no leaving out my nephew on this one...isn't that smile precious? i think i want to frame this for my sis-in-law.


Jennifer, Playgroups Are No Place For Children said...

I love the vignettes in your pictures!

Also, I was supposed to go to the apple orchard last week, but instead I MOVED. *runs away boo hooing*

Mandy said...

very cute!!!

jenboglass said...

Again, these are stunning! Are you a photographer? Seriously, these are amazing! You're right about your little niece. She's beautiful. :) The only thing missing from this post is your toes this time.

jenboglass said...

Girlfriend! We are like cosmic twins or something! Well, except for the hair thing...there we are more like bizarro twins. :)

I'm totally stalking you again.

jenboglass said...

But how polite of a stalker am I! I tell you when I stalk you!

Anonymous said...

Jen Men! These are beautiful! What a talent you have!
Miss you!

Kelle said...

Love these pics! Love the one of your girls' little diapered butt sticking out!