Thursday, October 2, 2008

wouldn't chuck-e-cheese be easier?

belly was discussing her upcoming "5 year old birthday" (march 28th, 2009!) with me as i was pulling her hair into very lopsided pigtails this morning.

in an attempt to keep her that the pigtails would be a wee-bit LESS lopsided...i kept the completely irrelevant conversation going.

i mean...hello!??!...i'm not even discussing what to do for my husband's birthday that just happens to be 9 days from now. crap...i haven't gotten him a present either...damn...any ideas? i digress.

me: "well...i was thinking we should do something really fun this only turn 5 once!"
her: "yeah...i was thinking that we could maybe paint the entire house so that all of the walls matched the different rooms in beauty and the beast's castle..."

me: "what?? seriously?? how do you come up with these ideas?? is this why you lie awake in bed for hours on end??"
her: "well you said we could do something special..."

me: "um, doesn't chuck-e-cheese sound fun?"
her: "oh, yippee! i want to go to chuck-e-cheese for my birthday!"

and then i realized that i just spear-headed an idea for a place that i absolutely DESPISE. i hate the noise. i hate the nastiness of the tunnels that the kids subject themselves to major gross germs in. i am so yucked out by the thought of the person that i can't see in that costume. i mean...there must be a reason that s/he is in that costume. and to top it off...belly hides under the table anytime that gigantic mouse comes around. at the age of FOUR...she hides under the table. after endless discussions about costume vs. reality. and the cost...argh!

i need to install a hidden gnome that bites my foot everytime i am about to same something absolutely insane. anyone have a reference for small biting gnomes?


Mandy said...

oh dear god .... my husbands birthday is 13 days .. thanks for the reminder!!

if you figure out the gnome thing let us all know;)

Insta-mom said...

I've been try to divert from one pain in the neck only to wind yourself up in another. MiniMe doesn't even know Chuck E. Cheese exists. I totally want to keep it that way.

PsychMamma said...

I heard that small, biting gnomes have formed their own union and their services are very expensive now. Consider electroshock administration instead.....

Or maybe you could switch back to the painting idea. It sounds less painful.

jenboglass said...

Our town just got a Chuck E Cheeses. I had a "mom moment" where it was very apparent to me that my whole life has switched focus when I saw the sign for it and I actually gasped out loud because I was excited for my son.

Also, my son knows all about Chuck's and he's never been there or seen it before. The commercials have impregnated his little head with that dang song. He has announced that his birthday party will be there. He talks about it daily. (his birthday is three months away). Good luck!

Marinka said...

My son's dream is to go to Chuck E Cheese. And apparently my dream is to never set foot there. But, nicely played, Belly, nicely played.

Christy said...

Oops! Do you guys have one of those indoor play places near your house? It would be just as fun as Chuck-e-Cheese's but WAY cleaner/less chaotic.