Tuesday, September 30, 2008

words...beautiful words

through another blogger (thank you!) i found a site that takes your words...any words...and transforms them into a work of art.
i was playing around with the words from my last post...and this is what i came up with. i love it.

click on the image to open it up in a larger format.
try it for yourself. http://www.wordle.net/


david santos said...

Hello, Jen!
Really beautiful posting. Thank you. Have nice day.

This is not Spam. It is a campaign against the abuse of children.
Thank you.

David Santos

jenboglass said...

Your words were lovely. I love that 'always' and 'love' were prominent here.

Mandy said...

how fun is that?? seriously, I think I will go play around with that!!!

nutmeg said...

I keep seeing these! Thank you for the link - on my way...