Thursday, September 11, 2008

apparently, my child is a giraffe with good balance

yesterday morning, i was groggily scooping coffee, eager for my caffeine induced wake-up. i heard a shout of "DANCE CLASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" (seriously...she used that many exclamation points in her shout...maybe more). belly came running into the living room with the most amazing smile on her face...
it was the day of her first dance class. g-ma and lulu had bought her a (light) pink leotard. daddy had bought her (light) pink tights. and mommy had ordered her (light) pink ballet shoes. 20 points if you can guess what her favorite color is.
she was hardly containable. the excitement was pulsing through her.
note...mommy was not a dancer. i left that up to the girly-girls. i think my mom put me in ballet for maybe a week. probably just because she thought it would be cute. then along came my sister and my mom realized that she didn't have to force me to be the "pretty" one anymore. i was finally allowed to run in the dirt and ride horses. i didn't do skirts or pink. belly is my karma.
so, we got all dolled up for dance class. (light) pink. everything. and two buns.
i have to admit, i'm starting to like pink. maybe, because i'm surrounded by it all the time. did anyone else (with girls) find that first load of baby pink dryer lint extremely weird?? i think that was the first moment that i felt like a mommy to girls. i had never had pink dryer lint before.
we arrived at the dance studio. mind you...i spent TIME researching dance studios. i didn't want her to be in dance just to be cute. i wanted her to learn fundamentals. i wanted her to not look like a hoochie. (is that how it's spelled? it's not a common word in my vocabulary...imagine.) i wanted to take her somewhere that i didn't have to shell out tons o' money to dress her up fancy and watch her walk across a stage.
this studio appears to be all that and more. these little gals are learning creative movement. (they move into the fundamentals eventually). they are working toward a performance that depicts a book that they are learning about. the instructor was teaching them to move and be free. how moving can show what music sounds like. belly was in her element. completely.
she TOWERS above the other dancers.
it is a class for 3 and 4 year olds. belly is 4 and 1/2. when we arrived, one little girl was hiding inside of a shelf cubby. no joke. maybe 1 1/2 foot squre. she had completely folded herself inside of it.
belly gets the height from daddy. 6 foot 2. not mommy. 5 foot 2.
she had the height of a giraffe. but she balanced on one foot like no other. the (smaller) girls were toppling down left and right. belly stood (light pink) flamingo proud.
mama is proud too.


Christy said...

I bet your little giraffe was beautiful. I can't wait for dance classes.

Awake said...

i wasn't in dance as a little girl, but something really wants me to enroll my daughter when she's old enough. although the cost of all that - ouch!

glad she had a great time.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. :)

Anonymous said...

I can't offer anything with the dryer lint. Everything that comes out of my dryer is blue--with the occasional rock, handfuls of sand, and collections of whatever else happened to escape mommy's pocket search.

anymommy said...

I can picture your little pink giraffe! I look forward tho these days. Great descriptions.

Stella and Thomas said...

Awww...I wasn't a dancer either. Stella is taking dance class too. She took one class last year at a very 'nice' ballet studio and was asked not to come back. Now we are taking "creative movement"...hahaha.