Monday, September 29, 2008

four and a half...and a day.

my belly.
i cannot believe that you are all of a sudden four and a half. (and a day.)
sorry about that...i meant to write this yesterday...but we were having too much fun.
you are growing into the most beautiful, wonderful little girl. and i can't believe that i have been blessed with someone as wonderful as you.

if i could stop time to remember everything about you right now. this is what i want to remember...

- you are polite to everyone you meet. always using your pleases and thank yous. (even when receiving your vaccinations).
- you love the color light pink. you like the colors yellow, blue, green, purple, dark pink, brown, black, orange, ...
- you say that you want to be a speech-athologis when you grow up and talk to kids like mommy does. (i'm thankful that you are ok with me being one...even though it keeps us away from each other sometimes)
- you love to play having babies and can often be found with babies in your shirt. you nurse your babies too. and you always find someone to babysit when you go outside to play.
- you have the most wonderful relationship with your grandparents. they adore you to pieces.
- you ask me for the mote-retrol when you want to watch channel three-nine or four-four.
- you (sometimes) write on things that you aren't supposed to. walls, floors, tables. but you always write and stella being your favorites. don't worry...i love our names too.
- you are such an amazing big sister. you can make coconut belly-laugh and giggle tremendously with your faces and actions.
- you are a true performer. you love your dance class. you turn on when a camera is in the vicinity. and you memorize songs and muscical numbers and pull them out whenever appropriate.
- you always share. even when you don't really want to.
- you are more observant of people's feelings and the surroundings than most. you absorb those feelings. you are aware. you remember the little things.
- i wish i could pinpoint a favorite book or movie of yours right now. you love so's difficult for me.
- you can't say "nests" always say "neste-ses" and it makes us giggle.
- you love to paint and draw, cut and paste. you are always making artwork and handing it out.
- you can write.
- last weekend you learned to tie a bow.
- you are always willing to help out others. and often want to give friends and family things that they wish they had.
- you think that men without shirts on are naked.
- you always tell people on motorcycles on the road, that they should be smart and wear a helmet.
- you want, desperately, to ride your bike without training wheels.
- you are finally sleeping through the night...most nights.
- you always wake up when it's thundering and lightening.
- you love to put sprinkles in your yogurt.
- you want to paint your room (light) pink with rainbows on the ceiling. you want it to have a fairy princess rock theme.
- edited to add: on the way home i realized i forgot to write my favorite thing that you say. "can i tell you a sneak-rit?"
- you will always be my baby. i love you more each day.


Anonymous said...

Now I want my room to have a fairy princess rock theme. Can I borrow Belly and see if we can convince my husband?

Mandy said...

she sounds like an amazing kid!!

nutmeg said...

I love this post. This is why I started blogging - to put these things down for prosperity. This post will mean so much to your little girl when she reads it as a big girl.

jen said...

insta-mom...maybe. but first you have to go rock hunting with us :)

mandy...she is.

nutmeg...i hope she will and i hope it does.

LazyCrazyMama said...

How absolutely beautiful!! Happy birthday Belly! :)

jenboglass said...

I think this was the most beautiful love letter to a child I've read. For realsies. I like how you have every detail down about her. I was asked to write my son a letter for his pre-school class. My letter pales in comparison to yours.

Glad you stopped by. I'm blog rolling you. It's awesome over here.

anymommy said...

Lovely. I have tears and smiles.

Stella and Thomas said...

Oh my goodness...Our stella's our bloggity twins. Your princess sounds like an amazing little girl. Isn't life sweet?