Tuesday, September 16, 2008

my vagina is an ecosystem.

is that not the funniest sentence you have ever read?

i was paging through an alternative healing book that my sister forgot at my house, oh...about 3 years ago. i was kinda feeling that potential for a yeast infection coming on...and i wanted to make sure that i was doing everything possibly to avoid it's presence. yogurt...check. garlic pills...check.

eagerly waving..."hi dad!!!!! hi cousin jon!!!!!! hi boys...it's time to exit quietly!"

and i came across that introduction. apparently, a vagina has good flora and bad flora. and is therefore...an ecosystem.

which elicited uninhibited giggles from my side of the bed.

husband (after rolling his eyes, i'm sure) wanted to see what was so funny. and all i could muster was the potential discussions..."please get your junk out of my ecosystem..." or "please leave my ecosystem alone."

which led to more giggling...on my part. husband continued to roll his eyes and tried to go to sleep. but...i had just gotten started!

i decided that he needed some potential alternative healing, as well. so i went looking for an ailment that he has.

and came across flatulence.

did you know that it is "normal" to emit gasses between 6 and 21 times per day?

did you know that someone actually subjected themselves to studied that?


Christy said...

An ecosystem? WOW! And 21 times per day? Holy cow - that is a lot of farting!

Marinka said...

This is why knowledge is so dangerous!

Connie said...

This is awesome....I now have another excuse for avoiding sex. I must protect the ecosystem! Telling him that my iPhone says we can't do it is not working out so well! And now I should explain that I have an iPhone application for natural family planning and it tells me my most fertile days/when to avoid intercourse with the hubby. He does not appreciate that he spent this much money on something that prevents him from getting some. LOL!

I'm sure this is much more than you ever wanted to know about me, but you started it!

anymommy said...

Hmmmm. Does it have a climate? Mine is often chilly. Aha. TMI. I'm going now.

Heather said...

I'd have to say my husband and kids are on the 21 end of that range.

Grace said...

All I think of when reading these very funny comments, is...

I sure hope NOTHING ever grows in MY Ecosystem...ahhhh!


PS...I came from Allmediocre, and I'll be back!

Come visit anytime!