Wednesday, September 10, 2008

nah nah nah nah boo boo...i am the winner.

conversation overheard between belly and her boppa.

belly: let's play a game.
boppa: ok.
belly: we're gonna kick the ball up in the tree as high as we can, whoever can touch the branches is the winner. you go first.
boppa: grabs the ball. drops it onto his foot, "uh," grunted as he kicked it as high as he could. touched branches at the very top of the tree. in fact, knocked a few dead branches OFF of the tree. (who needs a tree trimmer anyways?)
belly: ok, good job. now it's my turn. but, remember, even if i don't touch the branches, i'm STILL the winner.
and on a totally random side note.

i tried to google "ball in tree" to find an image to use with this post. what can i say? i like pictures...instead, i found this.

have you ever seen one of these?
we just recently played with one at our local all-natural baby store. i heart this toy. i want several of them to go on my mantel. it was too much fun. you drop a marble on the top and it makes the most lovely musical sound on it's way down. it doesn't need batteries. it doesn't play annoying recorded music. it isn't made out of plastic.
it does require supervision. marbles + babies = heimlich manuver. or, at least, that's my assumption.
maybe just a longer wait for your turn...if baby swallows it,you have to wait for the marble to be...ummm...returned.
dear husband...
this is what i the kids want for christmas. two of them please. (a small one and a big one...)
and a horse.
15.3-16.1 hand dapple grey quarter horse with black points. 5-8 years old.
love you lots, sugar daddy.


anymommy said...

Ah, my horse when I was a teenager was a sixteen hand dapple grey. He was gorgeous. Sigh.

Cookie said...

That is so funny that she is "still" the winner!

Thanks for stopping by my blog :)