Tuesday, September 2, 2008

why, come on back...we've been waiting for you!

(note...this is kinda like two posts for the price of one...L. O. N. G.)
conversation between husband and i...
him: you're gonna blog that huh??
me: of course i am. that's what we do. bloggin' mamas everywhere just wait for something funny to happen so that they can write about it.
him: before you know it, people will have blogging parties.
me: oh, they do. in fact...they even have conferences.
him: seriously? so, when do you leave?
me: i can't go. i really want to go...but i can't do it.
him: why?
me: 'cause seriously...i don't know-know-know them. i KNOW them from reading their blogs...but i don't REALLY know them. and where would i stay? argh. i don't know. where is crystal city? i do have free airline...but i would have to take a day off of work....hmmmm...
(don't worry...we didn't link in our conversation...that would have been a little over the top, dontcha think?)

which got me thinking...

several bloggers got an idea from another blogger, Barking Mad. she came up with an fun idea to have a blogging dinner party...invite 10 bloggers that you admire for some reason or another and invite them to a party...well...read it in her words...she writes better than i. please, click on that link...she has a hilarious giveaway going on. i want a new camera...but...i don't have the guts to do it!

"My point folks, is this...this is community. It is what you make of it. You can participate and get involved and learn something and let us learn from you, or not. And having said that, I hope that is what we all get from my little idea. At least I hope it doesn't totally suck and you all play along.
I debated doing this for a long time and I finally had a talk with a wise friend who said it was a "fucking awesome idea and just do it already!" I didn't want anyone to come away from this feeling like; "How come she didn't invite me? She must not like me!"
The impetus behind this was just to be able to get to know other writers/bloggers I haven't read or read very much of, and I hope that you all can do the same thing. And maybe afterward we'll all sit around and sing folk songs and braid one another's hair. Or not.
Now, having said all that, Here's the thing...
You are going to have a dinner party! Oh yes you are. Well OK, not a REAL dinner party, but hey, if you're so inclined, more power to ya. Anyhow, you're having this swell dinner party and you are going to invite ten bloggers. And if you're worried about not having enough time to plan this, never fear my luvlies, this will be running the entire month of August!"

and as you can see...i'm a couple ("A COUPLE IS TWO..." is what belly would have shouted out if she could read, or if i had read that out loud...) of days late on this. but better late than never. right?

setting the stage...
screw dinner...the majority of us have naps to deal with...so let's just have lunch with kids in tow...it's gonna be a picnic in my backyard. we just have to get it out of the way before the snow falls on minneapolis. quick, hurry up...buy your plane tickets. it's comin', i'm sure. and, by the way...bring the husbands...we can leave the kids in their capable (?) hands (when they reach the nap stage) and head on out for some wine. or we could just bust open a couple bottles and have a bonfire after everybody wakes up? or both?? it's up to you guys.

here's my list of invitees...but then again...if you have made it this far...and you ever visit me on this bloggy thing...c'mon over, we'd love to have you!
1. heather from HELLOmynameisheather. my guess is that she is WAY too busy to make it...but i'm sure that she would come with some absolutely gorgeous something or other to share. this girl is so talented and crafty and ingenious and appears to be able to seamlessly combine business and family. i would love to meet her and see if she is just as fabulous in real life. plus...she was my first (blog that is...). she could totally make you feel inferior in her craftiness...but, instead...she inspires. that's cool.
2. nicci (did i spell that right?...i searched a little but couldn't find it...) from bug and (AND!!) digthischick. she's one in the same! i probably found her through heather's blog's comments. her name struck me as fun...so i tuned in...and keep finding myself checking back. she has the most amazing ideas about motherhood and she chronicles her struggles and frustrations, joys and insight in a way that makes me laugh and cry, and see little bits of myself in those early months of being a mommy. plus she mentioned something about mother nature bitch slapping you within your gardening abilities...and the vision i had was hilarious. (promise you won't look at my measly garden as you walk past...) but enjoy the tomatoes. please.
3. kellie at lifeisgood. she, too, has a little girly that is too cute. i'm sure that i found her through digthischick's comments. (do you also notice the 10 degrees of separation happening here?) i started reading along when i found out that she was pregnant, and then she commented on one of my posts about how she was reading blogs and soon to be a mommy (and she mentioned that i was funny...so i checked in with her)...and waited for little lily, with so many others. plus, she posted from the hospital...dedication, folks. she also works in a school...we need to share stories!
4. kelle from enjoyingthesmallthings. she has some amazing photography talent! i found her through, the above two. and got hooked, because her lil' one is just a few weeks younger than coconut! they always seem to be going through the same things around the same time...imagine that? she really seems to look at the bright side of things and shares her positivity with her readers. she mentioned something about a super-mommy cape one time...and i love that idea. she also commented once that if a virtual coffee shop were available...it would be fun to visit with all sorts of bloggy friends and kids. here's our chance!
5. tonyajoy...i probably found through kelle. and she is another amazing photographer. plus, she has three little girly-girls (my goal, too!). and there is something about blonde haired blue eyed little girls that makes my heart melt! i will bring my family to see her when we are ever in her area. i promise that.
6. jen at playgroupsarenoplaceforchildren. funny thing...i found her when i was playing around with blogger. (i'm sure you've all done it...or maybe i'm just weird.) i clicked on MY speech-language pathologist linky thing and up popped a bunch of other SLPs. so i clicked around and found her. thought she was a little bitty blogger like me...until i noticed that she gets upwards of 60+ commenters on average. and if she discusses something like (psst...) bedtimes... a gajillion people comment. ya, nothin' like me...but a fun read, nonetheless.
7. she is probably how i found meghan from amomtwoboys. who is the creative genius :) behind allmediocre, a website connection for bloggers - for the little guys...that has become more of a community than anything. it's a great place to find a new blog or just find a little humor for your day! there is always something new. plus...so far, the girl to boy ratio for our kiddos is 8 to 2. so we need her two boys to up the boy-side-of-things! i love to read take on raising kids and i get to see a perspective that i rarely see here in coconutbellyland. she's hilarious...she would be a fun girl to spend some time with!
8. stacey from isthereanymommyoutthere? this girl makes me laugh so hard i'm crying one minute and sends me sniffling away from my computer the next. she has an inspiring view of mommyhood and she has the most beautiful children. i couldn't imagine having a bloggy party without her.
9. insta-mom. another fun read! more boys to add to the party as well! she just recently got hit with a sucker-punch of "i'm not young and driving a yellow convertible anymore" while riding in her minivan with family in tow. we've all been there...and she always seems to have a good ending to her stories. i relate with her ability to think about life, and then come to the realization (through writing) that it's all better in the end...
10. at this point...i'm inviting christy from cakerwakers, jenn from ihatewhine!, marinka from motherhoodinnyc, connie from youngandrelentless, abunslife, stellaandthomasand(+)'smommy, alice from honeypie, phulmaya from harvardtohomemaker AND anyone that has stayed here this long. because i can't link and i can't think anymore. my backyard is pretty big. the house, though...is small. so hopefully it doesn't rain, or snow. i'll try to rent a porta-potty...and a bounce tent...because that is truly a good way to keep kids contained. they think that they are just having fun...but really...it's child-containment. (now that i cheated and added more parents and kids...i will need 2 bounce tents??) definitely worth the money...i know, we had one at our wedding reception! another story for another day.

can't wait to see all of you! did anyone bring rice krispie squares? let me know what you are planning on bringing so that i can keep track...:)


A Buns Life said...

Hey, if I can crash with the store-bought rice krispie treats....I'm there! :)

Kelle said...

oh, what i would do to sit and have coffee with all of you...and watch our babies play together and really get to meet all y'all for real. wouldn't that be divine? and, i swear...we would all feel like we've known each other forever. cuz, in a way...we have.

anymommy said...

I'm there! I have wine. Wait, it's a picnic, margaritas? When the little ones fall asleep, we'll slip away and sip coffee and chat until the wee hours of the morning and leave our husbands to handle clean up detail.

Oh, and you should definitely come to Crystal City, if you can. I'm nervous too, but I think it's going to be incredible fun!

Jenn said...

When we were in Mexico I tried the Lime Daquiri at our hotel beach bar,they were awesome .So that's all I drank for the next 4 days.

Since you seen my post I just did and can see why I won't be wearing a swimsuit in Mexico or anywhere else for that matter anytime soon.

I'd love to come and let's have some of those, because they are pretty darn good !

I love the carmel chocolate rice krispie treats yummy !

Marinka said...

Wait for me! Thanks for inviting me! I brought my suitcase, so that I can stay with you for a while. I can help myself in the kitchen, right?

Connie said...

Wait for me! As soon as my @ss heals I'll be there!

I would bring rice crispy treats but I just got finished making THREE pans of them that were devoured by my in laws!

Jennifer, Playgroups Are No Place For Children said...

Oooh! A party! I LOVE parties! As long as I don't have to help clean up, I'll be there.

Shall I bring a case of wine?

Anonymous said...

It is never too late for a party. Thanks for the invite and kind words.

I'll bring some amaretto and Bailey's...you know, so we can lightly flavor our coffee!

jen said...

well...so far it's looking like i'm going to be making most of the food...y'all are bringing the beverages. fine by me! the more the better. it will help us get through a potential lack of naps.

Stella and Thomas said...

I am in! But my drinks have to be virgin...I can only make a couple of things...so I will bring my yummy taco salad....the pregnant one will bring the food!!! Yeah...more SLP's will be there.