Friday, October 24, 2008

ear infections. wheezing. and coughing. oh my!

the girly-girls and i have been battling this "cold" for the entire week.

my head is bursting. my ears are hurting.

belly has ear infections. 2 ear infections.

coconut is wheezing. and is on steroids and albuterol nebulizers. again.

they are telling me that we are probably going to be putting her on a preventative something or other for the winter to reduce the likelihood of pnemonia.


i'm ready to pull everyone off of milk again. explanation: last year, we realized that belly (coconut was still nursing) had a sensitivity to cow's milk. put her on soy milk. it seemed to make a bit of a difference. but now i'm wondering about everybody!

coconut has developed a rash in response to certain foods. little bitty blotching on her face in response to certain foods.

is this the beginning of a food allergy?? anyone??



Marinka said...

I'm so sorry! It sounds like you're dealing with a lot of stuff.

Do you know which foods coconut is allergic to? Definitely worth eliminating to see if it works, I think.

Good luck and I hope that you all feel better soon. Get some rest, if you can.

Casey said...

I've heard that food allergies show up as a rash in the face, on certain quadrants of the face. My son had a reaction to milk-based formula and broke out on the lower right side of his face. We switched him to soy and he was just fine. Good luck figuring this out and I hope the girls feel better soon!

anymommy said...

No experience with this at all, but I hope you all feel better soon.

Casey said...

So I'm making the HASAY rounds and feel bad nagging you to exercise when you have sick kids. Uhm, please exercise if you can get away for a minute?!?

CelloBella said...

Yuck that sounds awful.

I'm not a big milk fan so I would reduce it if it were me...

(it also might help you with the HASAY challenge)

Good luck,

Christy said...

Izzy has food allergies. When we feed him something he is sensitive too, he spits up excessively and has diarrhea. At one point, he developed a rash on his forehead, but I was told that it was contact dermatitis. However, I think it was related to the foods he was eating.