Wednesday, October 29, 2008

hasay - wednesday update...

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confused about today's post title? yeah i was too...until i remembered...

oh yeah...

h - half
a - as
s - small
a - as
y - you


and i'm a wednesday updater.

so here is my wednesday update:

i still haven't bought a scale. kinda ok. i think it sucks to look at a number and define this goal by that...rather than how i feel. but, i'm thinking that i need to have that number so that i can really keep track of how i'm doing. and not just make guesses and assumptions.

but for today...guesses and assumptions?? my pants and jeans are fitting better. all of them!

foodwise - i've made a concious effort to not eat anything more than i need. i'm not snacking, all. the. time. i'm not stopping by the staff room to see if anyone has left any snacks. i'm trying to not eat anything past 8:00...when i usually really want to snack. i'm trying to only take what i need at dinner and not take seconds. i'm trying to not eat the kid's leftovers. (unless you count last night, when they both wanted what i had and therefore i didn't get to eat my meal. then i ate their stuff. hmm.)

exercisewise - i have done at least 20 sit-ups every day! every day! each morning i have gotten up and done at least 15 minutes of exercise. sit ups or crunches at least. and then i do some random exercises. unfortunately we haven't gotten my elliptical trainer back yet. but i saw it on my husband's to-do list. so it's coming. i'm making an effort to walk to people rather than email. and in between students, when i have a little break...i try to sneak in some crunches or jumping jacks...rather than check email.

i think i'm being successful.

until last night, when i bravely said to my husband..."look at my tummy...don't you think it's getting smaller?"

he (ever-so-slightly) rolled his eyes and said... "i can't really tell."

wrong answer.

even if you cannot visualize an even slight should always say,

"why yes my dear beautiful wife...i so do believe that you are looking so much trimmer than you were last wednesday when you decided to embark on this adventure. and by the way...have i mentioned what an awesome mother you are to our dear children? and the dinner you made tonight, was absolutely delish. and you amaze me with your ability to successfully run our family and maintain a full time job. in are a truly amazing woman and i can't believe that you married me."

but, i will give him the fact that he told me after last wednesday's post...that he doesn't want a trophy wife. he just wants me to be healthy and happy. good boy.


Casey said...

Good for you for exercising! Wow, jumping jacks AND situps? That reminds me of gym class back in school. I'm glad your pants are fitting better, that's a great feeling, isn't it? Tell your husband to get with the "say what they want to hear" program. It'll make things way better. Great job this week!

Connie said...

Great Job!

I am so proud of you for doing so kind of exercise while waiting for your Elliptical machine to arrive.

Have you consulted with your Nutritionist yet?

amanda said...

yay for you! who needs a number when your pants fit better!!

steenky bee said...

He so hasn't been to husband school! Yikes! Keep going girl. At least you've done the sit ups. I just look at clips of people falling on you-tube and laugh. That's my ab work out. Also, I'll change the capitalization thing today. No worries. This is exactly why I did this!

Cristina Mathers said...

silly husbands! i am sure that he was thinking all that! =)

you and i are doing a lot of the same things to lose weight. sometimes it's not having a scale, but seeing how your clothes fit and how you actually feel. also, do you have direct tv? they have a great channel that has tons of workout programs. i record several different ones and then do them through out the week. it's fun, well as fun as exercise can be! =)

Seriously Mama said...

Insert foot into mouth! He'll learn. ;-) Great job this week!

Laufa said...

Great job on re-evaluating and sticking to it!! Healthy and happy are what you are going for, so good going hubby!!!