Thursday, November 13, 2008

frankie says, relax. it's the spin cycle!

ooo...apparently all the cool kids are doing it.
it's called the spin cycle...
started by sprite's keeper. who mentioned little! me! in! a! blog! post!

and quite honestly...i was NEVER in the in-crowd in high school. so i'm uber-excited when someone likes me! mentions me. not that i need any validation for who i am. but it's kinda like seeing my name in lights. on broadway.

the rules of the game (?) as i see it are:
1. she gives us a topic of conversation that we get to write about sometime within the week. (yeah! i don't have to think! oh yeah...i do have to think...a little. i DO have to write the thing...)
2. we let her know we did it! and she says, "hooray! you did it!"
3. and we all hug and smile at each other and become the best of friends ... (ok, maybe not that part.)

so here goes.

frankie says, "relax"

i don't know who frankie is...i don't understand why he has anything to do with's try again...

blah blah blah, "relaaaaax"


when i think about relaxing as a mom ... i think, initially, that i wish i could.

i remember my mom talking about how she and her friends wish that they had a shared apartment somewhere, that they could all have a key to. they could use it as a retreat. a place to get away and turn off the mommy light occasionally. (or every week.) ... (maybe every day?)

a place that they could visit and share stories and get away from the kids and husbands. i think that would be divine. at times. it would be a place to relax.

but would it?

as a mom we are always on. i don't care who you are ... i'm sure that thoughts of your children are constantly seeping into your conversation and editing themselves into your mind. we don't leave them behind. we can't.

as i sit here, eagerly awaiting my girly-girls to come home from daycare...i realize that i am most relaxed when i am with them. teaching them and learning from them. i let my guards down. i giggle and fool around. my shoulders drop and i smile. i don't have to prove anything to them. i don't have to impress them. ever. they are impressed by me ... just being me.

the most peace and relaxation i have felt in weeks was when my littlest grabbed my knees from behind and said, "i luh lu".

because, ultimately, i realized that they are turning out ok.

but...a trip to the spa and an overnight hotel room eating pizza by myself on my bed would be fine too.

and ... i just got two more spontaneous hugs as they arrived home. now that's divine.


Casey said...

Great spin. While I enjoy the time away from my kids, like you, I also love the time with them. I'm talking about the time we get to relax and have fun and not worry about the schedule, that's the best time.

HeatherPride said...

I hear you. When I stay in a hotel, my husband gets excited know.....but all I'm thinking of is TV and dinner in bed - ahhhhhhhh

steenky bee said...

I loved this! Yay! I'm so glad you're in! You know, my kids have both taught me it's okay to have a messy house once in a while. I just love to be with them in the moment, dancing and singing or reading and snuggling. I couldn't imagine my life any other way. When hubby and I finally do get time away from them, we find ourselves just weired out by the quiet and missing them.

And, I find it hard to believe you weren't in the "in" crowd in HS. I bet all the boys were chasing you.

Connie said...

Last November...I scheduled a weekend away for myself. I was going to rent a condo just 15 minutes from my home in EDEN. Perfect! I was going to quilt, scrapbook, read, drink wine and watch movies.

I couldn't go through with it. I felt so selfish and decided that I would miss them all too much.

When I really need a break...I go hang out in our guest room and watch TV.

Sprite's Keeper said...

A shared apartment with other friends so I could turn off the mommy light? Tell you what, make mine a dimmer switch so I can have a little light and I'm IN!
Of course, you're linked! You're added to today's Spins and I can't wait to see you Spin again!

Queenie Jeannie said...

This was funny and cute!

PS I think that tatoo WAS real - scary huh???

bessie.viola said...

Awesome first spin... I love finding great new blogs through the Spin Cycle!

That apartment is a great idea! But I agree with you, I am truly myself with my girl. I'd never thought of it as relaxing, but you're so right. :)

bernthis said...

I love to play board games. Now that my kid is five so does she and it's the best part of my day when we do it.