Wednesday, November 19, 2008

hasay 5 - this is crap.

move along, folks. nothing to see here.
just a big 'ol zero.

which is really funny 'cause i amped up the ellipticall-ication-ing ... now that it's back in my hands. or ... actually in my basement.

but if i carried it around in my hands, maybe it would be better?

i worked out at least 5 times last week. i didn't cheat or eat overboard or nothin'. i've been eating my fruits and veggies.

i will admit, i had two glasses of wine on friday night. maybe that's my problem?

or maybe it's the fact that several hasay-ers have inquired about a certain dove chocolate pie recipe that i just happen to have. don't worry ... i'm not naming any names, casey might be reading. just scroll on down. you're welcome.

new plan! because i didn't lose any weight ... i'm going to get all of you to fatten up with this pie so that i can look like the only real *loser* in the group. (oh wait ... i probably already do.) please make two or three. and eat the whole thing! there are oh-no calories, cough cough.

dove chocolate french silk pie
1 cup butter (unsalted), room temperature
1/2 cup white sugar
21-23 dove dark chocolate promises, unwrapped, melted in a bowl over boiling water and cooled
2 teaspoons vanilla extract
4 eggs
1 prepared 8 inch deep dish pastry shell, baked and cooled

cream butter in a mixing bowl.
gradually beat in the sugar with an electric mixer until light colored and well blended.
stir in the cooled chocolate and vanilla extract.
add the eggs, one at a time, beating 5 minutes(!) on medium speed after adding each egg.
spoon the chocolate filling into a cooled, baked pie shell.
refrigerate at least 2 hours before serving.
top with whipped cream and shaved dove chocolates.

** notes: you MUST beat each egg for at least 5 minutes after adding it to the mixture. that is really important and should be repeated. you MUST beat each egg for at least 5 minutes after adding it to the mixture. (this is not the time to skimp on the clock ... let your children run rampant for a good 20 minutes ... cause that's how long it will take ... at least. i recommend telling/convincing your husband that you might need 2 hours of child-free time.)
** more notes: don't eat all the dove chocolates that are left. it looks really pretty when you actually save a few to shave for the topping. (or just buy an extra bag.)
** additional notes: you really should have an ELECTRIC mixer for this recipe. i know it sounds all SUPER-WOMAN and hasay-worthy to do it on your own. but ouch. just use the electric mixer ... i'm just sayin'.

and casey?? oh queen of hasay?? sorry. i'm completely aware that i get an F for the week.

oh yeah, and because i'm writing some really personal letters to people down here, saving money on postage and time on email ... lucky you! here are some more!

- after the lucky-me! post, i commented on my comments ... but i'm assuming that none of you will go back and re-read my comments to see if i re-commented . here is my comment in a post-afterthought ('cause i made myself laugh): i must say ... i'm starting to feel a little uncomfortable with all the rubbing against my website that has been occurring. that kind of shit doesn't show up on my statcounter. (see ... it made you laugh too!)

- beth?? miss you! why don't you ever comment? i thought i might get you on the buttercup one! i know you are reading ... who else would read from northdakota??

- sara?? miss you! why don't you ever comment? enjoy the chocolate pie recipe. i know you will try it. but don't wear a white shirt. your mom always got mad at you for spilling chocolate on your white shirts. can't wait to see you ... super soon!

- mom?? yes, i'll make this pie for thanksgiving.

- kelly?? did you get your package yet?

- husband?? why don't you ever comment? thank you for bringing home the elliptical machine. i promise it'll make a difference ... eventually.


M. Edward said...

I find that if you have one day where you eat whatever it is you want (or, in this case, have a couple of glasses of wine) your overall morale is boosted. Fridays and Saturdays are the best.

Enjoy the wine, and that is one decadent pie.

Laufa said...

Woohoo!! Love Dove!!! Sorry Casey, my fault. Jen, you can blame your week on me too, I'm the one that keeps bringing chocolate up on my blog. I need to stop. Sorry. Thanks for the recipe though!!!

HeatherPride said...

I think I'm going to change the name of that pie to Big Butt Pie, or maybe Thighs Rubbing Together Pie! Either way, 4 eggs, a whole vat of melted chocolate and a trough of butter = delicious in my book!!

I love the personalized memos to the readers at the bottom! I'm going to try that. Maybe I'll actually get some of my lurkers to comment too!

Keely said...

Mmmmm..pie. I'm totally going to make that an inflict it on other people at our annual Xmas dinner. And possibly send one to Casey.

And hey, not losing any weight is better than gaining some? I dunno...I got nothing. But that's what I'M going with this week.

Casey said...

Look at you and you RECIPE FOR HASAY DISASTER. I have half a mind to hack into your site and delete this post.
I think you lack of pounds lost probably means you're gaining muscle from all of the exercising. It sounds like a load of crap but it's true. Stop swaying the HASAY'ers. When bathing suit season rolls around next year, you're going to be the one they all blame for their tears.

Anonymous said...

Yum!!! I love Dove chocolates. I actually bought some today at Big Lots that advertise lots of vitamins and plant nutrients hidden in the dark goodness. Ha! I just wish they sold those damn things unwrapped. That's a lot of unwrapping. LOL

mrsbear said...

OMG, that recipe sounds heavenly. Seriously, I am pretty sure you'd work up a sweat with all that egg beating. Unfortunately I'd never have the free time to make the damn thing, so I guess that makes me free and clear on the calories. ;-) I might have to work this in to my schedule for Thanksgiving. Good luck on a brand new week of HASAY.