Tuesday, November 18, 2008

um...that's not what the package says...

i originally started this post way back in early july. why am i publishing it now, you ask?? 'cause i needed to move my bragging post on down a wee bit. i'm too modest to talk about winning 4! FOUR! four! giveaways ... for too long.
well that ... and the fact that i have nothin'. in my head. at this moment.
so here you go. better late than never. right?

husband and i purchased these (for those of you that won't follow the link - these are special green bags that keep your produce fresher for longer!) during a hellish trip to the pharmacy. i really feel that it's important that you understand the type of experience that i'm talking about. let me explain.

this is a pharmaceutical adventure:
-- where you end up walking around and around because they haven't finished your prescription yet and/or called your name over the loudspeaker in. 30. minutes. and
-- they have all that crap stuff that you just happen to NEED now because it's on sale and it's only $something(dot)95.
-- your children are begging to go down the toy aisle ONE MORE TIME and
-- your four-year-old asks you to read the stupid little book on the shelf that has one button that says the same thing over
("oh, my prince charming")
and over
("oh, my prince charming")
and over
("oh, my prince charming")
again...and it's made to look like a disney princess...but really is just an ugly representation of the real thing and

as a side note...i do not think books are stupid...in fact, we have TOO many books. books make you smarter...my children are not book-impaired...and hence are smarter (or at least i like to think so). i just think that some books are better left *unmade* - in general this includes books that are written made by someone that doesn't speak ANY english and also edited and produced by others that don't speak ANY english ... and are completely incorrect from any grammatical standpoint. seriously...if you can't produce a book that has somewhat correct english...just give me pictures. i can make something up...really, i can...i can make up a 4 page story to correspond with your cute little pictures. it's just better that way.

moving on...
-- the kids are hungry and crabby and it doesn't help that they need the medication to feel better or
-- mommy is hungry and crabby and needs the medication to feel better or
-- everyone is hungry and crabby and needs the medication to feel better and
-- it's taking way. too. long.

(and so was most of this introduction to what i'm actually getting at...sorry.)

in summary, this was one of those super sucky trips to the pharmacy that i'm sure you've all experienced. or maybe, you are super mom and you haven't ever had this experience...don't worry...we'll all just wait for you to leave and i'll continue.

ok...where was i?
yeah ... super sucky trip to the pharmacy...bought unnecessary (but completely NEEDED) product...

we conducted our own experiment (yes we are aware that we are dorks) with our humongorama box of tomatoes ... and this is what happened.

yes...you are seeing that correctly.
the tomatoes that were IN the bag - are disgustingly rotten.
the tomatoes that are OUT of the bag ... are perfectly fine.
i don't get it. we paid $something(dot)95 for those damn bags! what the hell did we do wrong?

want to look closer?
ew, again...
so, we've learned a few things today, haven't we, friends?? don't get sucked into purchases that you don't absolutely need. don't buy tomatoes at costco if you are never going to use them all. and completely irrelevant now ... but on the bright side...they were from canada so they were supposedly not contaminated at the time (and therefore were edible) AND we have a compost - so it's not like we just threw them away...

look at the back of the box. why is it that the tomatoes represented on the box had a completely opposite result of mine??

**note...after writing that post...i've realized that this is a perfect view into my brain.
things link that really shouldn't, i come to conclusions in the wierdest way and i'm a little too long-winded and talk too much in my brain. don't worry...you don't have to go back and re-read...it probably never made sense in the first place.
so, you're welcome.


A Buns Life said...

Bummer! I totally was going to go buy some of those bags at some point and time....

Casey said...

I've never heard of those bags but now I'll never buy them if I do. Our tomatoes don't go bad too often but fruit does. I shouldn't be admitting the fact that I let healthy HASAY-ish food rot...forget I said anything.

steenky bee said...

That Debbie Meyer is a liar. Hey that rhymed! I will now make it a practice to never trust a person with the names "Debbie" and "Meyer" right next to each other. Sorry about your veggies.

Kelly said...

omg, this is crazy because I was just about to a whole post about these bags and how much I LOVED THEM!!! They work great on my bananas and was going to throw out a major plug for them!! Funny! Maybe they're a diff brand. I'll check label.

Christy said...

I always wondered about those bags. Thanks for the review.

Raising Z said...

Thanks for experimenting for me ;) I thought those bags looked like the answer to my "always rotting produce" problem :) I did get my dad some "Mighty Putty" as a joke gift for Christmas (did you know that you can repair mugs, pipes etc. with it? :)) maybe I will do an experiment wtih that!

Thanks for the trip inside of your brain...it was fun:)

jen said...

truth be told...
they sucked with my tomatoes.
but then again...i haven't tried them with anything else for fear of the rotting that occurred during this experiment.
so, kelly??...maybe bananas are awesome in debbie meyer bags!
maybe you should do an experiment for us to see!

Connie said...

Are those like the ones that they sell on QVC? I just saw last night on The Biggest Loser that Ziploc has come out with something similar. Maybe you could do a little test between what you have and a Ziploc bag.

I do not go to the Pharmacy. I send hubby, who always comes home with some decorative knick knack. Just last week, he bought me a 3 foot tall wooden snowman. Lucky for him I like snowmen...

Laufa said...

We have these too, same results. I also walked all over the pharmacy Monday, until Bubba said, "Mom I'm tired, I'm going to sit and wait for our name to be called." He actually sat on the massage chair and got a massage - he's 5! He's like a little old man!