Friday, November 7, 2008


several bits of info??
bulleted crap that you really don't care about??
oh yeah. you have ventured into my territory blog. you are completely free to click on outta here. but if it's on my mind...i'm writing it.
-- my last post had a response..."very Cute baby and these pictures are amazing but could be much better if you use any branded digital camera"
-- what the hell is a branded digital camera?
-- and why does someone in india care??
-- and how could it make my baby look any cuter??
-- isn't it funny how every once in awhile you get what appears to be an absurd comment??
-- i love comments.
-- please leave them.
-- did you notice my little grouping of people that come back to visit?
-- over there...on the left.
-- i love watching that number go up.
-- and it's stuck at 13 right now.
-- the number 13 isn't my favorite.
-- yes, i'm weird.
-- please someone add their name to move it to on the *follow this blog*...
-- i haven't touched on the election results.
-- i should.
-- but i honestly don't feel that my words could encompass the way that i truly feel.
-- i feel happy.
-- i know my daughters feel crappy considering that one has ANOTHER ear infection
-- and the other has some weird rashy thingy.
-- please please please let me get through this year without too many sicknesses.
-- maybe i need to overhaul our diet or look into some alternative therapies.
-- anyone use chiropractic or natural remedies to boost their children's immune systems??
-- i will be boosting my immune system this evening with a glass of wine.
-- we are heading out for happy hour tonight to watch a co-workers husband on who wants to be a millionaire.
-- i'm super excited for the excuse to go out.
-- i'm not usually a super fan of game shows.
-- but i always wanted to be on the price is right when i was younger.
-- i probably wouldn't win anyways. but i've won two blogger give-aways!
-- i'll probably just stick with blogging.
-- speaking of which...lately i've been crazy with colors here.
-- does it bug you? (edited to bugged me enough that i changed some of this already!)
-- do i need to stop??
-- today was/is kinda an extreme.
-- i promise i won't do it this much...but i'm just trying to make a point.
-- and here we are back to the "bulleted points" topic.
-- full 360. i'm done.

thanks for listening. comment away.


Kelly said...

I tried to be a "follower", but it said "you're already following this blog", but I dont see my icon! That's not fair. I wanted to be #14.

I'm feeling random today too.

My thoughts are all over the map going at lightning speed.

I think we both need ritalin.

jen said...

kelly - hmmm...maybe you are following me anonymously.
like you want to stalk me...but you don't want me to know.
that's a little creepy!
by the way...i'm hoping to send your WINNING PACKAGE early next week!

Cristina Mathers said...

i need an excuse to go out to happy hour too! i love bullets, it's simpler sometimes. maybe you should twitter.

Kmommy said...

Getting out of the house sounds like fun :)
And the "branded digital camera" comment was totally an advertising comment. Those really suck.
I'm also quite happy about the election results :)

Connie said...

I had my first crappy comment the other day on my food blog. They told me they didn't like my 'snotty' Utah comment and that I should grow up. It was anonymous of course. Until she has walked in my Utahn shoes she should shut the....

I am already following you too. Off to send my sister to follow you.

little.birdy said...

Your children are adorable!

KJ said...

How do you do colors and all of your other cool fonts? I haven't figured that out but I love it!
And your girls are really cute!

Christy said...

One time I got in a comment fight with another mommy. It got REALLY ugly, so now I just ignore negative comments.

Casey said...

Yes, I've gotten comments that have rubbed me the wrong way. I don't know what to say about that except that I leave myself open for comments so I have to deal with them/ignore them when they show up.
The colors are funny, I wouldn't have the patience to keep changing each letter but I appreciate yours! ;)

anymommy said...

Okay, I'm finally catching up and I realized that I'm not in your followers list and I wanted to fix it. But, now I will put it BACK to thirteen?? Oh well, I think I'll do it anyway - don't take me off, kay??

Mandy said...

connie - what is a "utah comment?"

dig this chick said...

I love comments too! You've won two blogger giveaways? dang.