Wednesday, November 5, 2008

hasay 3 - wednesday update.


really. i think that sums it up.

halloween candy called my name. too many times.

i continued to do my minimal workouts. sit ups and stuff. but i really need my elliptical machine to come home. and she said in a pleading voice, "oh, dear husband..."

my mom was kind enough to let me use her scale. only gave me a negative 1 from where i was last at. and it's not it's kinda hard to tell for sure.

quite honestly. this is crap. i can't get there from here. so it's time to up the ante. wish me luck.

oh yeah. and come steal the halloween candy. please. either that, or give me a good SOLID reason not to eat it. and just telling me that it's to lose weight is NOT going to make a difference.

'cause i noticed that the box says that 3 packages of kit kats are a single serving. and for some reason that made 3 ok.


Raising Z said...

I too am struggling with the motivation! I am sooo busy and tired (time change) this week and so that has become the excuse. I have two weddings and two dress fittings coming up! I really need to get going :) Thankfully I am allergic to chocolate and nuts so the Halloween Candy were not an issue...but the pumpkin pie I made the other day was!

steenky bee said...

You can do it! And the "it" I'm talking about, throwing out that candy, girl! Do as I say, but not as I do. I'm eating a mini snickers whilst typing this to you!!

Anonymous said...

The Halloween candy totally kicked my butt, too. Forgot to weigh this morning, but not sure that I really want to tomorrow.

Casey said...

Ha, a single serving is a single serving, I can't argue with that. Halloween is over and it's time to get back on the wagon. One pound lost is impressive considering it was Candyween last week. Let's get back in gear now. You can do it!

Laufa said...

How about, candy will give you acne. Well at least all the sugar and fat in them will. Do you really want to be a pizza face?

bernthis said...

Know your pain. Halloween night. Me, alone with just Aunt Flo, single, very, Friday night and a bowl of chocolate. Can anyone say "the perfect storm?"