Sunday, November 16, 2008

creativity still exists ... but now during naptime.

belly has been quickly speeding through her clothing. shirt sleeves are too short. pants are becoming high-waters. evidence that height is eagerly passed down through my husband's family.

not mine.

nonetheless ... belly has inherited those blessed height genes.

in addition, she also is a princess of the most highest regard. and princesses don't wear pants. they wear dresses. and at the very least ... a skirt. with tights. not pants underneath.

this has resulted in numerous stressful mornings in which the "princess" is demanding dresses and skirts.

so, in order to ease some of the morning rituals and reduce the cost of buying all new stuff ... mommy decided to pull out her creativity hat and use up some extra material and ribbon laying around. she found an online tutorial. but quite honestly, she doesn't follow directions well.

this is the result.

i'm pretty pleased with it! especially considering it was a twenty minute project made from material and ribbon scraps. (aka free)

confession ... it was a 30 minute project. i lined up the ribbon funny, which resulted in 2 lines closer to the middle than was desired. to remediate ... i added another more decorative zig-zag in the middle of to make it look like i meant to do that. (which seemed easier than digging through my craft stuff to find my seam ripper.)

it's the perfect skirt for acting rather crazy in ... while mom is attempting to take a picture for the blog.
(ignore the naked bebe in the background. apparently i need to start making her some clothing as well.)


Christy said...

I am super impressed. I have always wanted to learn to sew.

Casey said...

That's a pretty great workaround! I can't sew to save my life so I'd probably use duct tape!

little.birdy said...

Ooo, very nice! I've started quilting, but sewing clothes is a bit beyond me. :)

Sprite's Keeper said...

How cute! Who knew sewing would elicit excited dance moves? The skirt it lovely.

TRB Holt said...

Hi just read your post on my daughter's blog...dig this chick. Which brought me to your blog. I want to give you encouragement to keep sewing. I have been sewing for 40+ years and it is truly an art form, one you can be proud of & can pass onto your bugs!

I am so anxious for my daughter and her bug, (and hubby), to arrive this a welcome gift I am creating a new frock for Margot to sport while in the Twin Cities!

Happy the Skirt!


anti-supermom said...

I love the naked baby in the background, perfect!

I'm a sewer too, but I'm not good and my sewing machine is broken (I have so many excuses!)