Saturday, November 29, 2008

the angels were really not up to singing loud that day.

i guess ...

remember when i mentioned several times ... that we would be ripping up our carpeting to uncover the potential awesomeness that is the hardwood floors lying in hiding beneath the carpet in our house?

well ... i was convinced that the angels would sing upon the reveal.


i think i was the only one singing and dancing. and that's not saying much.

(just for the record ... i can belt out a mean baby beluga and you are my sunshine. puts babies to sleep, i tell ya. and belly is incredibly fond of my do-re-mi and favorite things ... but she's more of a musical fan. and honestly ... i dance pretty good ... or at least i think so AFTER a few ... i mean, a lot of cocktails.)

onto the reveal ...

first we had a little work.

well ... i had a little work. i had to bring the girls to daycare. AND take pictures. (my workload decreased significantly when both fathers decided to show up and help! yeah dads!)

(please excuse the mess ... we are remodeling.)

here is my dad and husband doing something. and a cute cat walking across carpet padding. note: my dad is the one with grey hair.

here is my father-in-law making sure that the dog is getting attention. (and he did work ... but i didn't get a picture of that.)

here is a cat peeking into a roll of carpet. isn't he cute? (did i mention that i think this kitty is cute? 'cause honestly ... biggest pain in the ass cat you have ever met. he is a MONSTER. but totally photogenic. and cute. really cute. on paper. notsomuch in person.)

here is my dad (again ... note the grey hair) rolling up carpet or something.

now i'm realizing that these are totally NOT in order. but i'm incredibly too lazy to do something about that right now. i have a toddler begging me to play barbies (which i don't want to do ... shhhh.) and a baby waking up.

technically ... is an 18 month old a baby? who knows. remember, i don't have time for unnecessary crap!

and FINALLY - the before and after shots.
the after definition entails ... spending hours ripping up carpeting ... pulling out staples ... having lunch at my favorite greek restaurant ... going to home depot without kids! ... vacuuming ... washing floors ... shining floors ... scraping paint off of floors ... picking up kids ... making sure that everyone is wearing footwear AT ALL TIMES ... sanding in places ... washing AGAIN ... shining floors ... and putting little tiny pads - that are falling off already - on the bottom of all furniture to make sure that we take better care of the floors than anyone else before us.)

(and if you can't tell ... the after is on the right. but just pretend like you could notice so i feel like my life isn't a complete waste. thanks.)

and here is my dear coconut inspecting and dancing with joy upon completion of the results.

see ... i wasn't the only one that was dancing to the angelic music playing quietly in the background.
(i wasn't really 'raising the roof' in my dora slippers ... but who am i to judge her dance style?)


Connie Weiss said...

That looks like TONS of work! I love hardwood floors....and I love the dora slippers!

DeeMarie said...

The floor looks uh-mazing!!!! Wow. And is totally raise-the-roof worthy. Totally.

little.birdy said...

Those floors look fantastic! And I understand about the cute on paper thing...I have a Lab who is going to be a year old in January and she is as adorable as she is evil.

Sara & Sophie said...

Your floors look absolutely fabulous!! You have some Utah angels singing loudly (and raising the roof:) on your success! See you soon!!!

Eva said...

Impressive! Worth it!

Casey said...

I'm so jealous that you had wood floors hiding in your house at all times! They look amazing and totally worth the hard work. Congrats on the new look! Coconut is adorable (and so is the evil cat)!

PsychMamma said...

Beautiful!! :-)

cellobella said...

The effort was so worth it.
Well done.
And I bet chewed up a few calories too.

michele said...

I happened upon your blog... your floors look great! What a lot of work, but a fabulous end result.

Sprite's Keeper said...

Hello, gorgeous hardwood! Hardwork pays off!

Raising Z said...

What a lot of work! I wish that there were nice hardwood floors under my disgusting carpet! Great job :)