Monday, November 3, 2008


a year and a half...eighteen months...five hundred and forty-seven and a half days...

is that all the time that you've been a part of our family? really?? 'cause i absolutely feel like there was never a time that i didn't know you.
in my mind...i always knew that i would be a mommy to girls. i just never knew that i would be so incredibly lucky to have you two in my life. you and your sister are my everythings.

at this moment, if i could stop time...this is what i want to remember about you.
- you are in a constant state of wonder.
- you are always asking "whas-it?" or "whos-it?" to inquire about what something is or who someone is.
- i sing "you are my sunshine" to you each night, and you hum along.
- you are a wee bit scared of new things.
- but at the very same are quite the dare devil.
- you love to be spinned and swung.
- you love to hang upside down and giggle.
- your neck is super tickle-ish. you don't even have to tickle it...just touch send you into a fit of giggles.
- you LOVE your big sister. you try to mimic everything that she says and does.
- you were all of a sudden in the "mine" stage...but it seems to be retreating...
- you call yourself "baby" in pictures and in the mirror. you never call yourself cora.
- but you insist that you are a big girl...not a baby.
- you are potty-training yourself. and you are really good at going probably 70% of the time.
- i can tell that you are tired, when you ask for your nuk-nuk and blankie.
- you love to read books. you love to have books read to you.
- you are a mover and a shaker. constantly on the move. constantly.
- you will not watch tv. (ok...i'm not complaining...but it would be nice for 10 minutes)
- you will only stop to look at it...if you see elmo, barney or if someone is singing.
- you dance to all music.
- you say "tan-too" whenever someone gives you something...without any prompts!
- the way that you say stella is my favorite. "de-llllla" with a rolled /l/ sound.
- you love playing babies with your big sister. and playing with the babies at your daycare.
- you always want to talk on the phone with daddy. or boppa. or grandma. or lulu.
- when the phone is yell..."hi ____!" over and over. as if at some moment they might hear you and respond.
- you sing "happy...happy...happy" when it is someone's birthday.
- you love to eat little chips of ice...which is no wonder, considering it was the only thing i craved while pregnant with you.
- you like spaghetti. which is weird, considering i could not eat it,while pregnant with you. and still can't.
- you will eat the fruit and vegetables on your plate long before eating anything else.
- your favorite meal over the summer was cucumbers and tomatoes from the garden, with cheese and crackers.
- you love to taste coffee and wine and beer. anything that isn't yours.
- you always have to announce what it is you are drinking after (and before) every sip.
- you say "mik" with a very glottal /k/ sound. and you always ask for pop.
- you are now really good at saying "obama mama". but sometimes say "obammy mommy".
- your little eyes are this amazing shade of ocean blue. everyone comments on them.
- you loved trick-or-treating this year. you were worried about going up to all of the houses...but would say "tri-tre" and "tan-too" each time. as long as mommy was holding your hand.
- you are quite the mama's girl. but absolutely fall in love with daddy each time he comes home.
- you love bathtime. and it contains you for a little while. so you get a lot of baths on weekends.
- you still nurse. i know it's probably habit at this point...but i so love that little bit of time that you and i get completely alone together. and it will be gone before too long. so i'm gonna cherish it while i can.

you are so loved. you make my world. not just brighter or better. you really make my world.


steenky bee said...

Beautiful. I loved this. Also? The trick-or-treating language? It breaks my heart a little bit each time my son masters the correct pronunciation of words. Sniff.

Also, I really hate to do this after such a wonderful post, but....


Sprite's Keeper said...

Amazing post! I love reading posts like this one. I hope she gets to see this when she's older to realize just how much attention Mommy was paying to her. In fact, you should whip this out whenever she says you love the other one more to "prove" your point.
Love it!
And since Jenbo already ruined it,

A Buns Life said...

Print this one out for sure!! So sweet. :)

Cookie said...

That is so sweet!

BTW I found you on :)