Saturday, November 15, 2008

bu-uh...tup *is* buttercup.

while visiting our friends in north dakota, the girly-girls played with a miniature horse named buttercup.
they brushed him and pulled him around the farm.
they worked to pull burrs out of his mane and tail. endlessly.
and then did it again the next day.

well ... coconut has decided that "bu-uh...tup"* is her favorite "sissy"** ever.
and when she found a stuffed animal that i had when i was a little girl, it became her most favorite toy ever.
(she also finds buttercup in stickers and books and EVERYWHERE!)

this is her and "bu-uh...tup"*. she "luhs"*** him.

she brushes him and tells him he's "pih-ty"****

and she even rides him.

while mommy blogs. and pretends that she doesn't notice all the stuff that is finding it's way around her feet.

and then, mommy takes pictures 'cause it's so darn cute and needs to be remembered.

and then, mommy posts them. which takes more time.

and now (finally) ... mommy is off to enjoy her time with her little (and not just post cute pictures of her). 'cause belly is at g-ma's. and these fleeting moments need to be cherished.

* buttercup ** horsey *** loves **** pretty


anymommy said...

Okay, yep, pretty much darling all around. Just be glad she's settling for the stuffed version and not asking for the real thing!

Kelle said...

so, i think that buh-uh-tup is the cutest word ever in the history of mankind. and i think that is now how i shall say buttercup. are you kidding me with her vocab though? because lainey has 14 words and chooses to use mostly two of them. just two.

Casey said...

Aww, I love toddler pronunciation. My son is starting to say certain words more clearly but I don't want him to. Is that wrong? Those pictures are so cute, Buttercup is a lucky horse.
How's it going on the HASAY front?

little.birdy said...

CUTE! :D Thank you for sharing!

Kristy said...

That is so stinkin cute!