Saturday, November 1, 2008

give-away winner (s)!!!

mommy wrote the names out.

mommy put them in a bowl.

we attempted to have coconut pick a name.
she grabbed half of them and flung them around.
coconut was fired from her duties.

and belly was hired as the
official name-picker-outer.
we recounted and refolded.

belly almost got fired for upside down display...

but redeemed herself.

wait! what does that say?? sara and sophie??? my best(est) friend and her daughter?? yeah. people are gonna think we set it up! guess, we know what sophie is getting for christmas! (shhhh.) let's pick another one for good measure.

perfection. closed eyes and everything.
sloppy hair presentation...but oh well.

the (other) winner is...kelly from life is good.

thanks so much to everyone that entered. i would have absolutely loved to send each and every one of you a set of these fun diapers. head on over to chunky monkey if you want a set for yourself! they are so fun for your kids to take on and off of their baby dolls! enjoy!! me so that i can get your address and don't forget to tell me what colors you want. (i'm assuming you want girly...)

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