Tuesday, April 21, 2009

not a creative post title.

when was it decided upon that the random tuesday thoughts were supposed to be funny? apparently everyone (and their brother) is (are) writing today about how random thoughts are really funny. i must not have gotten the memo. because i just thought this was a way to empty out my brain without having to come up with a creative post title.

so i'm just gonna empty out the ol' brain a little here ... which will most likely be completely unfunny ... and i'm ok with that ... i guess ... here goes.

i've also noticed a bagazillion people (and therefore ALL bloggers) with alltop (kickass confirmations) on their sidebars. so obviously i'm either just reading the blogs of all the popular people ... or i lost the email inviting me to join them as well.

but, whatev. i'm just doing this whole bloggy thing to create a semi-journal for my children.

which apparently will have numerous swear words and references to pee-areas, discussion of my fat ass and random thoughts that should really never have escaped my cranium ... with birth stories and memories thrown in occasionally. i'm sure my kids will be so happy ... to have it ... someday.

and since we are on the subject ... why the hell do i care if people comment? if i'm writing this for my kids????? why does it bother me that 68 people read my blog the other day and i only had 4 comments? FOUR? out of SIXTY EIGHT. that's ... 5.88%. (ok ... so maybe it bugs me a little bit.)

and ... what do i do about people that email me and ask me about putting ads on and "sponsoring" on my little place? don't they know that no-one ever comments here and apparently i'm not on alltop?? does everyone get these email requests?

we are officially off the subject of blogging and onto more randomization.

i just spent the morning bugging a child with autism. fun times. i was trying to work on getting him to acknowledge me and tell me "all done" or "goodbye" ... i swear i would have totally accepted a "get-the-hell-away-from-me-crazy-lady" ...

we found a nest of baby bunnies under the swingset. the dog thinks it's her job to get them. i'm not sure what she would DO with them ... but she watches and waits. and digs a little bit ... because the nest is about 2 feet from the end of her line. and the kids like to hover over the nest to see if it moves ... which it does ... but their lack of attention ALWAYS causes them to miss it and turn away at the very moment that it shifts. and then they cry.

um. not sure why i care so much about my baby bunnies? i have a garden. with vegetables. that we eat from all summer. and so. do. bunnies. oh the drama!

speaking of drama ... family drama. isn't it fun? we are taking a road trip with my in-laws this summer! yippee! to arkansas. my husband is a pilot. we get free airline travel. and we are road tripping it for a minimum of two days ... there. AND BACK. fun times will be had by all. i hear there is a diamond mine there, that you can dig around in and ... i'm totally gonna find the world's largest diamond. seriously. and then i will have to eat my words about the fun times thing i just said.

by the way ... anyone wanna take care of the dog while we are gone?

for more (apparently really funny... yet) random thoughts from other people that are probably on alltop and get hundreds of comments on each and every post ... visit keely at the unmom.


Connie said...

We are taking a 10 day road trip to Milwaukee with my in laws this summer. It is going to be HELL!

Sprite's Keeper said...

I'm taking a trip this summer too! Without the husband or the child! I'm not sure if I should be happy or sad about that..

tiarastantrums said...

well I don't know what alltop is at all!

Petra a.k.a The Wise (*Young*) Mommy said...

The commenting thing is out of control. I can't believe now that I have a day when I only (notice I say only here) get 20 comments and I am all, "what the fuck? nobody likes me anymore" and then I have to slap myself across the face and realize I am crazy and that it doesn't matter, PLUS 20 is a lot of comments!

Sheesh. Yes, I think about it too much too!

Robin said...

I am loving your randomness! (And I'm totally excited that you stopped by to say hello! I've seen you around bloggyland, so if you're feeling anything less than cool, remember there are people who might read you and you don't even know it!)
Happy Randomness!

Peggy said...

I don't even know what ALLTOP is...that's how out of the loop I am. Also, your RTT were funny whether you like it or not! :)

ps - the only way you'd ever get me to go on a road trip or any trip for that matter with my in-laws would be to drag my cold. dead. body. behind the car!

GreenJello said...

All I've ever gotten is someone who wanted me to try their product and then extol its virtues on my blog. I politely declined.

Mrsbear said...

We just took a road trip last year and I'm still recovering...

I'm needy about comments too, really needy.

3 Peas in a Pod said...

What the heck is alltop? Apparently I'm not on the popular list as I have no idea what that is.

That's so typical that your hubby is a pilot and you're taking a road trip. Isn't that always the way? We're going to Disney and flying although my husband isn't a pilot. My hubby is in the IT field and we have the worst printers/fax machine, used laptops. Shouldn't we have top of the line everything being that he's in that business? Um apparently not.

I've been guilty of reading blogs and not always commenting due to the constant interruptions (shrieks) of little people. I cannot focus on a clear thought when they're talking to me or worse yet screaming at me or each other.

I have a lot of people read my blog that don't comment as well. It does bug me a bit especially when they constantly come back but NEVER comment. Don't understand it. I was shy in the beginning about commenting but as you can tell by my lengthy comment I'm over it now.

Much love from NJ,

Casey said...

I have to make my randomness funny since three different people have linked to me and said that they look forward to my Tuesday posts. Talk about unnecessary pressure on a girl, no? I'm the same way with comments although I was way more comment crazy in the beginning.

Your bunnies sound cute. Got pics? I love baby bunnies.

Oh, a ROAD TRIP! Yay!

Stacie said...

Some of my best memories as a child were from family vacations. It sounds like you are going to have a great time.

I'm your newest follower - would love to have you follow me!

Happy Tuesday Jen!

Keely said...

What's an alltop?

Oooooh! Baby bunnies! I think your dog probably wants to EAT them. Mine would.

Or maybe herd them. That's probably less horrifying.

No pics?

3 Peas in a Pod said...

BTW about the bunnies. I have a yellow lab and we've had nests of baby bunnies in our back yard. Chloe (yellow lab) would roll on them playing with them and kill them. One of the saddest things I've ever seen. They have a high pitch sound that I never knew about. I don't think she meant to kill them but she did. I think you have a lab too if I'm not mistaken. Just a little forewarning if we have the same breed....

Much love from NJ,

Anonymous said...

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