Sunday, May 27, 2012

and then ...

and then ...
the storm brewed.

long after the coffee pot had emptied and washed and been readied for another tomorrow.
long after her children were tucked safely into their quilted beds and plush pillows.
long after the world had shown her that life isn't always fair.

the clouds twisted and gathered.  darkening the golden blue skies into puddles of greys.  a sharp line of cloud moving {shoving} it's way into an unsuspecting blue.

the rain quietly hammered against the rooftop as she settled barefoot amongst the blades of soft green grasses.  her braided hair hanging {dripping} between her shoulder blades while tears of rain stood patiently upon her lashes.

she stood there softly ... thinking her thinkerly thoughts.
about life.  and love.  wants.  and needs.  haves.  and have nots.  fairness.  and other things.

the storm brewed around her.  filling her night sky with flashes of lightning that lit the sky into moments of day.  thunderous booms that spilled through her air.  shaking the house.  and rocking the children in slumber. 

the emotion spilled.  falling out of her like rain.  soaking the ground beneath her feet.  she felt the magnetic energy of the earth and sky.  her heart felt too small for all of this.  her scream was silenced from thundering into the storm.

she couldn't find the words.

so she quietly closed her journal {.once.again.} and went back to thinking.