Tuesday, April 7, 2009

ra-ra-ra-ra-ra means randomization.

ready for the randomization?today marks my 200th post ... ost ost ost ost. (that was an echo ... in case you were wondering.)

and if anyone is counting ... apparently it's really only 192 ... and that 200 number really does include those eight to-be-edited posts that are currently sitting in an unfinished bloggy state.

shall i describe them for you?

one is entitled ... not sure yet. and consists of me explaining that i LOVE my husband. and discussion about being the wife of a pilot. apparently, he must have done something pretty spectacular that day ... and then proceeded to piss me off the next day, so therefore ... i never hit publish.

another is cora's unfinished birth story. we'll get there. someday. i promise. it's just a really hard one for me to finish writing. i was having trouble conveying the speed and overwhelming sense of rush in her birth. it's hard to get out in words.

we have another one entitled ... wait for it. clarity. and it has absolutely NO words. which cracks me up because ... apparently, my mind was actually REALLY clear that day.

there is a lonely post in which i hoped to thank people for the awards handed out to me ... and i had so much difficulty just finding the awards that people had sent over that i never could do all the linkage and finding of the awards and the posting ... i just took a nap instead. (note ... if you have sent an award or something that i have never responded to or posted ... let me know in the comments here! you'll save me heaps of time. and i will be eternally thankful. and i will give you a double entry on my next giveaway ... coming up here soon!)

there is another entry about a awesome organization ... that down-to-earth mama shared ... the girl effect. i really wanted to share it ... and haven't gotten my thoughts out about it yet. it really affected me from a mama of girls perspective. and made me see the whole forest and tree thing. well ... that and i could not for the life of me figure out how to get a video imbedded. argh.

there is an ABC meme ... filled completely out and then realized that i think i had already done it. yep. so i didn't post it. not like anyone was actually reading when i did it the first time! oh wait ... apparently instamom was the only one reading at that time!

and a 25 things meme that originated from a friend is facebook. and then i remembered that i'm really not that exciting. and i had already squeaked my way through a 100 things post. i came up with two for my list o' 25 that day ... one ... i have a bird and unfortunately i never took into account children and naptime when acquiring him (oops.) and two ... i have two kids ... uh ... that's where i stopped because ... um ... can you say BORING?

and finally ... another ... where i provided everyone with a statistic that is probably only interesting to speech-language pathologists out there. basically that the vocabulary of children that are good readers is estimated to be over 20,000 words. and in children that are struggling with reading ... vocabulary is estimated to be under 5,000. which is a 15,000 word difference! not to mention the fact that, it was noted that strength in vocabulary has also proven to be a predictor of poverty. see? that's why i never hit publish.

random? maybe. (there's plenty more random if you click on the RTT button up there at the top!)

and if you want me to go on in, edit a bit and hit publish on any one of those ... you just let me know!

hey ... i know! maybe we'll have a contest to see which one y'all are most interested in! and if no one comments on this post ... i'm just gonna assume that none of them sound interesting and i'll just have to come up with something better ...

but give me a few days.
shit this awesome takes time, y'all.


Cameron said...

Clarity....good one. Happy RTT!!!

Sprite's Keeper said...

Well, technically, you don't have to finish them anymore since you just did them! I never did the abc meme, although I just came across Unmitigated who did a great job with it.

Pamela said...

I'd be fascinated by the speech/poverty indicator. I likes me some statistics.

Seriously. I do.

I'm boring, too.

Casey said...

Happy RTT, who knew we'd meet up on our 200th posts on the same day! To be fair, I've got about 18 drafts to go but that would put me at 218.

GreenJello said...

The geek in me likes the language randomness the best. :)

anymommy said...

I love the clarity post - you should post it just like that ;-)

Anonymous said...

I love the clarity one. I think I have a bunch of crap in draft form too. Actually I have a bunch of crap in published form as well. ;)

steenky bee said...

I'm all about the clarity one, just like everybody else. Yes, I'm a go-alonger.

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

Clarity sounds good too, but I bet all of them would be worth the read. I've got a few in my drafts too. Some of them are so lame...um...lamer than the ones I hit publish on anyhow! :-)

Keely said...

Hmm, I thought the birth story would win. Clarity was second choice for me.

3 Peas in a Pod said...

They all sound interesting. The one about the vocabulary of children being a predictor of poverty peaked my interest as well.

You're so funny because you aren't boring. At least I don't think you are anyway!!

Much love from NJ,