Wednesday, April 8, 2009

a sense of urgency.

the other night ... as we slunk back inside ... not quite tired out enough from a few quick races around the yard ... several ups and downs on the slide ... and the attempt to get cora to sit. in. the. swing. (not sure why she's not having any of that thus far this spring?) ...

i realized this overwhelming sense of urgency that is stirring in me.

i want to get my hands dirty.

my little garden is calling to me. it's begging me to start digging in the dirt. and beckoning me to deposit little seedlings in the soil. it's requesting that the husband stretch it out (just... a... little ... bit... farther...) into the yard this year.

i think starting seeds would be a (wintertime - early spring-ish) passion for me. i would love to watch little greens spout out just above the dark damp earth ... in small little cups or handy egg cartons. i would love to know that i started them. to know that i guided them. (is that silly? a bit like having children?)

but i can't. or don't. (i'm not sure which.)

i have a fear that the cats would wreak havoc on the little greens in cups designed to be easily tipped and trampled across the wooden floors. i don't have enough room in this little house for me and the kids and the husband (part-time) and the animals ... AND baby plants who need sunlight. or artificial light in the form of lamps that i just don't have the room for.

so i settle for friends and neighbors that start little seedlings. and share their wealth. and i think that this option is just as lovely, because i tend to think of these friends all season long when the peapods are nourishing my family. or when my girls are peeling baby tomatoes from the plentiful plants for months, popping them into their mouths like candy.

and i settle for stopping by nurseries and exploring ... finding the little plants that my garden is ever-so-patiently waiting for. often buying too many or too much. and yet ... always finding room for them in pots and wagons and on the porch.

for now ... i reach ... often ... for the catalogs and books that sit upon shelves. flipping through their pages and dreaming of bigger gardens and more time.
and as the snow coats the brown grass (for ... please-oh-please ... let it be the last time ...) and the temperatures sway from warm to cold and back again ...

my little garden calls out to me ... and i whisper back ... soon ...



Peggy said...

Seems I was born without the "green thumb" gene...send fresh salsa ASAP!

3 Peas in a Pod said...

I don't have a green thumb but I love fresh vegetables. The kids ask me when the fruit and veggie stand will be open again. We're a frequent visitor there.

Your post reminds me I have a plant that needs to be watered. Thanks for the reminder.

Much love from NJ,

Connie said...

I've tried starting seed in little containers and it never worked for me. I also don't have anywhere to put them but I read about starting some items outside early (lettuce, carrots, radishes) so I'm going to try that.

My recession garden is making me excited!

Anonymous said...

Ooh, I can't wait for my garden either. It's still too early, but I'm plotting in my mind!