Saturday, July 5, 2008


ok...i'm not much for thinking today...but felt the need to get some words typed. creative energy needing to be unleashed - but, need to put that creative energy towards some solutions for my crafting area i'm decorating this is a meme i found and i'm filling out for your viewing pleasure...or not.

a. available or single? neither! married (happily) for almost 6 years.
b. best friend? sara (happily) for almost 23 years!
c. cake or pie? depends...usually whichever is made from chocolate...but i have a fondness for strawberry-rhubarb pie...but i've never made it...
d. drink of choice? this week...peach ice tea mixed with raspberry lemonade
e. essential item? my necklace with the girly girls names
f. favorite color? right now i LOVE purple and i'll go with a magenta as my favorite
g. gummi bears or worms? my sister told me they are made with pigs' now i'm grossed out by them...just can't do it...don't tell me that jelly beans also have pigs' feet in them...that would ruin it.
h. hometown? minneapolis
i. indulgence? massages, nights out with friends, silly movies at the theater
j. january or february? ever since my february miscarriage several years ago...i don't enjoy that month (and the memories it creates) i'll stick with's my birthday month anyways...
K. Kids and names? yes...belly (4) and coconut (1) - maybe someday i'll share their real names...if you don't know them already.
l. life incomplete without? my girls. they are my everything.
m. marriage date? august 24, 2002
n. number of siblings? one - lulu, as she is affectionately called nowadays. (lilliput as she was called at a young age)
o. oranges or apples? either if they are fresh from a tree...and therefore...more often...apples
p. phobias/fears? moths (i hate when they fly at my head), heights
q. favorite quotation? there's one at the bottom of my blog page...or...honestly...i can't nail down one or even two or three...i LOVE quotations...i could read them all day.
r. reason to smile? love...and the many friends and family that i have around to share it with
s. season? i like all four.
t. tag three people: any three that want to follow me on this...
u. unknown fact about me: i have met many entertainers (bands, singers) through my best friend's dad's employers...janet jackson, new kids on the block, weird al, beach boys (a long long time ago).
v. vegetable you hate: cooked peas, belly has introduced me to the wonder that is peasicles...frozen peas...yum.
w. worst habit? organization (or the lack of it)
x. x-rays I've had: hands, wrists, back, legs, lungs
y. your favorite food? sushi, pizza, chocolate (but not all at the same time)
z. zodiac? capricorn

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Anonymous said...

Hi! Here from All Mediocre...

I have to tell The Hubs about you now. You are the first person I've ever "met" who shares my fear of moths (my fear that he makes fun of and exploits whenever possible). I am deathly afraid of them. When they fly at you it's with such wreckless abandon that I am certain that one day a moth will do me great harm. They terrify me.