Thursday, July 10, 2008

book suggestions??

we LOVE books. i've generally stuck with picture books with belly (my four year old)...but we recently found a copy of charlotte's web in chapter book form. she really enjoyed reading a chapter (or two) per night.

last night...charlotte died, her 514 babies were born and wilbur discussed how charlotte will always hold a special place in his heart...even though he does fondly love her children and grandchildren...

i'm wondering if any of you have suggestions for another chapter book that is appropriate for a 4 year old. something based upon a movie/fairy tale...might be better because she'll have more background knowledge??

thanks in advance...

has anyone noticed that i'm writing very little...and asking A LOT?? apparently i'm spending all of my creative energy in my basement crafting area...and neglecting this little bloggy thing here. (unless, of course, i have a need...then i'm all about asking for assistance!)

i promise...i'll get back to writing about the antics of the lil'ones in my life soon. i'm just having way too much fun enjoying them lately! i forget to write about it!


Sara said...

Hey Jen Men!

Just playing catch up on my coconut belly fix:) I thought I would offer a suggestion - My uncle over the past year or so has been reading more of the chapter books to the girls (age 3 & 5) each night. He completed the Little House on the Prairie series and they've been going to town with the American Girls books. He said he just loves the history attached. I've been reading Sophia a big book of fairy tales (we're on Snow White right now) but I'm pretty sure all that matters is my tone variation:) Miss You!!

Marinka said...

I really recommend "My Father's Dragon", it's a great chapter book to read to kids.