Sunday, July 27, 2008

random ramblings...

more commonly referred to as the crap that my poor husband has to listen to as he falls asleep
more positively described as the beautiful, (insert) poetic music to which my husband rests his weary head (in verse)

interested in a random piece of information? if not, skip ahead to #1. i was going to write "in prose" (because it sounded good in my head - never a good reason, i know.) however, i just learned that to speak something "in prose" means to speak something with somewhat dull expression or tone. totally NOT how i sound at the end of the night, i'm sure. so, i changed it to "in verse" ...which apparently means, "writing distinguished from poetry because of its inferior quality". argh. i'm not inferior either. i'll just insert poetic. (and i'm totally not looking it up...because i don't give a crap at this point).

brought to you course. primarily because he doesn't want to listen to me ramble.

1. my dog is currently living in a funnel. i will have to post a picture. she has a $350 bug bite that she will not leave alone and therefore is living life in a funnel to keep her from infecting it any further - and therefore, making it MORE expensive. i'm worried that i will leave her out in the rain. and she keeps me up at night bumping into things and getting stuck on the drawer pulls of my dresser. and she knocks over the baby. she really thinks it sucks for her...but it kinda sucks for everyone in the family.

2. to escape from her...(well, not just her)...we ran away to the pool on this dreary afternoon. dreary...cloudy...but hot. and this little girl taps me on the butt and asks me to take her to the potty. apparently, her mom isn't there...and the person that she is there with isn't there anymore. seriously. someone left their 3-year-old girl ALONE at the pool. WTF? i'm guessing that the responsible adult was at the birthday party rental tent. but, whatever. you still don't leave a THREE YEAR OLD alone at a pool. lifeguards are not there to babysit. i don't like to judge...but that is crazy.

3. on the other hand...i think i'm going to visit my best(est) friend!!!!! soon!!!!!! next weekend............gasp.

4. i have TONS o' tomatoes on my vines.

5. unfortunately i think they will all turn red while i'm out of town. and i'm gonna miss my first tomato sandwich.

6. i have had TONS o' zucchini already this year. in fact, i found a GIGANTIC zucchini hiding amongst all of the leaves. i'm talking calf sized. (no not a "cow" calf...the "bottom half of your leg" calf).

7. it's probably two zucchini breads worth. (and i won't be remaking the FLOP of a zucchini bread that i attempted to make in our vitamix blender thingy...even though i think it was my fault because i tried to use real pineapple and not canned pineapple...).

8. have i ever mentioned our vitamix before?? we love it. constant smoothies. in a flash. you just throw fruits and vegetables in...and seriously...seconds later. smoothie. you can even use it to make soup. or salsa. or bread batter. (it chops the zucchini for you, folks!)

9. maybe husband and belly will make salsa with the TON o' TOMATOES that they will be eating while we're gone. did i mention that i'm bringing coconut with me? the screamer? what the hell am i thinking?

10. my anxiety increases dramatically when i'm anticipating a trip. note...i am not an anxious person.

11. i might get to meet a bloggy "friend" while there. she's met up with my best(est) friend...who was looking for mommies in her area. i hooked 'em up. (you can thank me later, guys).

12. I WON SOMETHING! on the aforementioned, bloggy "friend"'s blog. an awesome book...i love dirt. (activities to help you and your kids discover the wonders of nature). i'll provide hints when i get the time to actually read it.

13. i won't be reading it on the plane, i'm sure. i will have a one year old screaming darling daughter with me. (did you happen to notice this landed on #13? crap. i'm so screwed.)

14. luckily...she will (hopefully) have her own seat. one of the "perks" of being a pilot's wife. semi-free airline travel, each family member has their own pass. one of the "not-perks" of being a pilot's wife...STAND-BY TRAVEL PASSES. i am totally cool with traveling with baby. (i'll write some tips someday). the part that really sucks is not knowing if you will actually make it on the plane or if you will be stuck in las vegas with a one year old. now...i've never been to las vegas. but i am totally assuming that it's not a family friendly kinda place. nor would i find a cheap (clean) hotel room until i get out the following morning. maybe i'll go through phoenix. i don't know anyone there either. (please keep your fingers crossed for me).

15. best(est) friends and their (relatively) new babies...all the anxiety is totally worth it.

are you still awake???'s over. you can go to sleep now. good night. i'll stop talking.

i promise.

oh more thing...oh never mind. good night.


anymommy said...

Absolutely. I had a dog that licked 'hot spots' until they were horrible, nasty sores. You made me laugh remembering him in that silly funnel. Hope you have a wonderful, safe, anxiety-free trip.

Alice said...

What's up with the kid at the pool? I mean...I watch my kid's like a hawk and get all antsy if I haven't made eye contact every minute or so. Scary.

Kelly said...

Hilarious! I feel like I just watched you spin around 10 times in your family room and this is what came out! Love it!

Leaving a kid at the pool unattended? WTH!?? Bad parents suck. Sorry for the semi-bad word, but there's no other way of saying it.

Connie said...

First of all! I am so excited to meet you. Second, I am totally going to give you the biggest hug for introducing me to your friend.

Those funnels for dogs make me laugh soooo hard. And I'm dying to know if that little girl made it to the potty or not. Did you just watch her until someone came looking for her?

Hurry to Utah!

jen said...

i'm so glad to hear that i am in the midst of good least that's what i assess from your comments!

i brought the little girl to the lifeguard station...they made a loudspeaker announcement. i NEVER saw anyone go over there. about an hour later, i saw her, completely dressed, asking a lifeguard for a band-aid. not sure what happened there. and in my opinion...that's strictly NOT parenting. not even bad parenting.

Cathy said...

That's so funny. I feel like I have similar conversations with my husband too. They're so important to me, but to him, it's like, alright already!!

Jenn said...

That's nuts , anything could have happened to that kid! I have 4 kids and still haven't went on a plane with one , the oldest is 15 and the youngest is 5 months. You are one brave mommy!

Marinka said...

I don't leave my 10 year old at the pool by herself--too many weirdoes out there, to say nothing of water safety for a three year old. Thank goodness she asked you to help her. My dog had that Elizabethan collar too, they sure hate it! I hope that your trip goes well. I feel your anxiety about traveling with a small child. The good news is that it we dread it so much, it's usually not that bad in reality!