Friday, August 8, 2008


we're home.

coconut and i traveled all the way to salt lake city to see my best(est) friend and her relatively new baby. like i've mentioned previously...husband's job allows us to fly for practically nothing...but also means that we have virtually no idea if we will make it on a flight. with baby in tow...that's terrifying. but...

we made it! on both of our flights!!!! in fact on the first flight, we sat first class! yes, you heard that right...FIRST CLASS with a one year old!

and this is where i'm going to mention the jerk that sat behind me. coconut was a little scared. airplanes and the look of them, and my nervousness was causing her to be a little scared. a little crying, testing her boundaries, wanting to look out the window, moving all around. this guy nudges (well...i didn't see that...but i'm assuming given the tone) the guy next to him and says, "i thought they made you check THAT kind of baggage at the gate...ha ha ha." i, literally, had to stop myself from turning around and indicating that i HAD heard that comment and that i thought it was highly inconsiderate (although, at the time...not in such nice words). i had to remind myself that i was not a "revenue" customer...and that we were sitting in FIRST CLASS. poor jerk...he had to PAY for that ticket. and i promised myself i could just blog about his action later...payback, sucker.

i absolutely love being with my best(est) friend. i remember buying her a card that read, "peas. pod. us." a while back...and i think that epitomizes our friendship. we lead this parallel life in which we have similar experiences and can help each other sort through them. we can spend weeks, months, years apart and come together like we haven't been separated. i think we calculated that we have been friends for 23 years this september.

i distinctly remember meeting just after the first day of school (after i moved into the neighborhood), drinking lemonade and eating popcorn on my family's screened in porch. we were inseparable. she moved just before 9th grade...but we always remarked that we were just a plane ride or a telephone call away.

we still are.

we had so much fun visiting and just being together. THAT was ultimately worth any potential hassle that could have arisen during flying.

this morning, coconut and i were able to (rather seamlessly) board another plane and come back home. the "rather seamlessly" involves a carry-on (containing all toys and distraction techniques) on which the zipper broke. thankfully, i found a store with a scissors and cut it open prior to boarding. and then...coconut slept the entire flight - no distractions necessary. (don't worry...i'm not complaining. it was lovely. several people commented on what a great traveler she is/was.)

and this is where i'm going to thank another passenger that whispered "good luck" to me as i walked past her aisle. i love when other mothers genuinely wish you luck with something that they have had to endure. even if they just give you that..."i've been there" look, to let you know that it's been done before...and there is someone on your side. thank you. your well wishes gave me a reason to smile and take a deep breath and relax. you helped me, and i didn't get a chance to thank you in person.

and now. home.

belly is a little "off". not sure if she's mad about missing out on some fun (although from the sounds of it...she had more fun than us!) not sure if she's just making me work for it. not sure if she's re-testing the boundaries. not sure if i could make it to bedtime tonight.

but we did.

i'm so thankful for so many things right now. my girly-girls, my best(est) friend and her family, smooth travels, (scissors in the airport), and my pillow. good night.


Anonymous said...

So glad you had a nice trip. It's been 26 years with my best friend, at times living on different continents. There's nothing quite like someone who shares so much history with you.

Christy said...

Your trip sounds like a huge success! I am so glad that Coconut was good during her travels.

dig this chick said...

What an asshole. I think people forget that, at one time, we were all babies.

Glad you had a great trip!

Alice said...

Maybe you could have pinched Coconut to get her to scream a bit after the man's rude comment!

Connie said...

I'm so glad that you had a great trip!

Good Job Coconut on doing so well on the plane!

See, it went so well that you will have to come back soon and share some wine with ME!