Thursday, August 14, 2008

woof, meow, squawk...we are the forgotten ones...

woof. ok...more like, sniff sniff. jump, jump. wag, wag. whatev. i don't bark.

hey all...we here in the coconutbelly house have decided to hijack this crazy contraption while "mom" is away signing up "belly" for dance classes.

and why in the world does she call herself "mom" to us anyways? it's not liked she birthed a zoo-full of kittens, a puppy and hatched a bird egg. she happened to give birth to the 2 hooligans that are the so-called *STARS* of this here bloggy-thing. they are ALL she ever talks about. except for when we irritate her...hellllllllloooooo...negative attention....we need SOMETHING!

and...oh did read that right..."mom" took belly to sign her up for a dance class. crazy little girl just dances around the house anyways. we all feel that "mom" could have spent a few bucks on a new CD (get with the times, "mom" ipod is where IT'S at...), turned it up and let the chick dance on the ottoman some more. then she could have spent her money wisely...on bones, pig ears and catnip. but, i guess we have minimal access to the decision making around here. figures. if we get crabby about something that they overindulged on...we just puke on it. serves them right.

well...back to our original plan. we took over this blog, in order to introduce ourselves. we figured we ought to get a few minutes of fame out of this blog while it lasts. god knows, "mom" has a few other unfinished projects laying around. a few of us were actually here before the *stars* made their grand entrances. we deserve to get talked about a little. and since "mom" isn't owning up to our existence...we're taking things into our own hands. so here goes...feel free to comment...add a few head pats and butt scratches in there too if you must..."mom" won't know what hit her.

me...skye-dog...i'm typing. i don't know why. i guess, 'cause i'm the biggest. and...i have a way with words...yo. this is me.

minus, the funnel head that i've been sporting lately. "mom/dad" like to tease that it was a really expensive bug bite. ha. little do they know...i got in a rough and tumble fight with some tom cat big dog mountain lion. happened right down there in the valley. shoulda been more careful, i shoulda. i saw him comin'...but i was too busy protecting my grateful dead dancing bears collar my pride my master's children from harm. yep. i'm kind of a guard dog, if you will. but, you knew that when you looked at my picture. "mom" tells everyone that's why she wanted a dog. and i guess i just fit the bill. it's pretty obvious why i'm around. i let the hooligans climb all over me...just so that people "think" i'm a great dog. really...i'm a guarding machine. by the way..."mom" calls that picture up snowy skye picture. she thinks she's funny. i just wanted her to let me in the damn house.

hi y'all. that's me...jazzy...there on stage right. (left side of the picture to you non-drama folk.) i'm a sweet lil' thing. first mammal in this house. "mom" found me and thought i was the spitfire calico of the litter. stole me right out of the barn. i heard her mention once that my actual mom's name was "ugly orange mama cat" or something like that. she rarely talks about my siblings...other than the time she said something to the extent of, "poor little are so lucky to be alive...all your brothers and sisters got so sick after i stole you..." OMG (oh my goodness)...does that mean. oh no. woe is me! boo hoo...

hi. i'm jet. jet-man. i'm the black kitty on the right side of your screen. i'm a little shy. don't make any sudden movements. i get scared easily. one time...when a service man came to our house...i found a really good hiding spot. i don't think he noticed me hiding in the white bathroom sink. i might be a big cat...but i have very little nerve and sharp sharp claws...stop're scrolling down to fast...i'm outta here.

over here...over here....come and talk to me...please...please...come over here. right here...that's me in the middle. yep...that's me. i'm between jazz and jet. that's me. i'm white with a little bit of color here and there. oh wait...i have to go and chew on a barbie. i'm you see me? can you see me? my name is rain. rainy. rain-man. sometimes they call me monster or damn cat or little shit. i have lots of names! i'm so lucky! i like to do all kinds of things. currently...i'm practicing turning on the printer at night. i'm trying really hard to open it and make a photocopy of my butt. i think that would be really funny. would you all like to see me do that trick? oh wait...i'll be back...first i have to chase jazzy and jet and scare the crap out of the kids that are trying to fall asleep. ok...i'm back. what was i saying. oh yeah...i'm learning to do all sorts of tricks. mommy swears that she's gonna sell me on ebay...but then she sees me sleeping and remembers how maternal and hormonal she was when she was pregnant and saw me and heard my story about how my real mommy didn't take care of me and i had to be bottle fed and stuff. so she took me home. and now i make her life so much fun! i like to help her get up in the morning...i like to follow her around while she does everything. i always use the litterbox right after she cleans it...i'm such a good boy! i like to...

SQUAWK. shut up cat. SQUAWK. this is me. the first-hatched. tequila. "mom" got me when she was in college. SQUAWK. can you tell by my name? SQUAWK. guess what beverage "mom" spent too much money on during school. SQUAWK.
SQUAWK. apparently first-"borns" are supposed to have the most pictures. SQUAWK. i've been around since before the digital camera. SQUAWK. they have no digital pictures of me. SQUAWK. i look like this. SQUAWK. thanks google. SQUAWK.


'sup? skye here again. i hear the key in the front door. shhh...we've gotta run. out.


KJ said...

Cute Post

Stella and Thomas said...

Hahaha!! Your house sounds like mine!!

The Stella book came today and my Stella loves, loves, loves it...did you get yours?