Tuesday, March 3, 2009

random ... i know.

so i'm joining ... the cool kids ... that are apparently all hanging out ... over here ... at the unmom's place ... because i cannot think of anything to say
because everyone else is doing it
because random ... really is how my brain works. haven't you noticed that already?
it was my one year blog-versary on march 1st ... i think ... hold on ... let me check for sure. yep ... march first ... here it is ... wait ... let me dust that off for you ... ok - here it is.

no one commented on it. does that surprise you? i didn't get a single comment until here {blowing off the dust} ... which was on my 5th post (thanks christine ... an in-real-life friend ... who has an etsy shop ... with the best name evah ... a hot piece of glass ... hee hee ... that name makes me giggle. every. time.) ...
then nothing, again ... until my 8th post ... when jen from playgroupsarenoplaceforchildren commented! and then my 9th post when i got FOUR comments ... do you know how ecstatic i was that day ... even though one commenter commented twice?
and after all of that ... what i really wanted to say was ...

i had meant to do a giveaway ... on my one year anniversary ...
using a crafty metal stamping set that i just got my hands on ... but haven't practiced yet ... and i don't want to give away something that is fugly. so wait for it ... soon, i promise.
i really want to make a stamped necklace ... like my most treasured possession of my girly-girl's names. for someone. who has less than 8 kids ... 'cause i don't have that much time on my hands.
speaking of 8 kids ...
holy. i'm not even gonna go there.
like marinka said ... can you imagine a birthday party sleepover someday?
speaking of birthday parties ...
we have a five-year-old party coming up on march 28th ... which is 25 days away ... if you are counting ... and i know someone who is ... and that someone proceeds to tell me. each. and. every. morning.
i considered taking her and friends to an art place in our area that has a gigantic art wall where the kids can throw paint and create a jackson pollock inspired masterpiece. and they had an opening! so i called husband to ask him about it! ... and he said, "that sounds ok ... 30 bucks a kid isn't TOO bad." and i said, "holy shit. now that you use that kindof mathmatical mumbo jumbo with me ... there is no way in hell i'm paying $30 per kid! when i can do it at home for so much cheaper!"
so now i'm planning on letting children go crazy with paint at my house.
i may totally think that paying $30 per kid is SO completely worth it ... on march 29th. just wait.
here ... at work ... i have 4 smelly balls sitting right behind me ...
and if that didn't capture your attention ... i'm not sure what would!
our school (yes i wrote this over my lunch 1/2 hour) is starting to use ball chairs in some of the classrooms ... there is some interesting information about the use of them with focus and attention ... i'll keep you updated ... but they SMELL. horrendous. and my room is a wee closet. and now ... a wee-little closet filled with smelly balls.
which makes me giggle constantly when i say it or type it.
and the funniest part was the day that i was on the phone and a custodian opened my door and just started throwing the balls in here ... and my co-worker said that i should never let men shove balls at me without my permission. she makes me laugh.
well ... that there was a little insight into how my brain functions. glad you stopped by ... and made it ... all the way through ... because i'm sure all of you did. and if i don't get any comments on this one ... kinda like my first blogpost ... because y'all neglected to comment BEFORE clicking on all the links i included up there ... i'm gonna cry ... (and probably never do this random tuesday thing again ... either that ... or never include links AGAIN.)
random ... i know. i'm just sayin'.


Trailing Mira said...

Happy Blog Birthday ! :)

Sprite's Keeper said...

Happy Bloggiversary! I think I went two months before I actually had a follower. Weird, huh?

Sarah's Blogtastic Adventures said...

LOL Sweaty balls. Happy bloggiversary. : )

mrsbear said...

Happy bloggiversary. $30/kid is a lot of money but then again, letting 5 year olds go crazy with paint at your house, that's so not worth the aggravation and potential damage and possibly a migraine.

Robin Costello said...

Smelly balls. ROTFLMAO! That is the line of the day.

Happy bloggiversary too. Great work. Stalk..er, following you now. ;)

3 Peas in a Pod said...

Happy blog-versary!!

I'm so interested in the ball chairs. Sorry they're smelly though. Hopefully the smell goes away in a week.

$30 is a lot of money per child. Maybe it will be Spring weather by then and they can go outside?


Keely said...

Hehhehhehhehhehe balls.

now I'm all giggly.

I think I went a month or two without any comments. Happy bloggoversary!

HeatherPride said...

I'm pretty sure it took me FOREVER to get any comments on my blog. I was like The Biggest Loser, but not fun like the TV show.

I can't wait to see what kind of google hits you get with all your smelly ball references!!!

Casey said...

Happy blogiversary. Smelly balls never fail to make me giggle. Five year olds throwing paint? You're nuts!

Connie Weiss said...

Happy Belated Blogoversary!

I love that you have 4 smelly balls sitting behind you.....

Anonymous said...

Happy Blogoversary to you and your smelly balls!

Shangrila said...

I followed all of your links AND am leaving a comment, because you crammed ALOT of bloggy goodness into this post, AND you rock!

Oh-a five year old! I have one of those! You are very brave, my friend (to be planning a painting party!)

Smelly balls? I did a triple-take before I read on-lol!

You asked where I live? Brooklyn Park. (Ugh, I know! We lived in Fridley for 12 years and bought this house planning to only be here for a year or so-ack! We so, so wish we'd held out for a place in Fridley, and desperately want to move back. I also spend a lot of time in Mpls-my sis is off Lyndale. Where are you?)