Tuesday, March 17, 2009

here we go again with the randomization ...

random thoughts tuesday ... TRY IT!

just in case you ever wanted to know ... here are some of the random thoughts that make their way through my little mind while at work.
and a little bit before ... and maybe a little bit after ...
here goes ...
little miss coconut did NOT help me this morning ... when i had fully planned to get up at 5:30 am ... in order to do a little work out ... yay me! ... instead ... she woke up with me ... and then proceeded to NOT. FALL. BACK. TO. SLEEP. until after the time that i would have been able to squeeze in a work out ... so ... now i have to work my butt off a bit more tonight. ugh.
well ... she fell back to sleep on this stack of pillows ... while i was getting ready. figures.

apparently, i'm boring. (and i have bad taste in sheet sets.)
NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! it's misting and rainy outside!
NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! it's starting to kinda sorta hail!!!
NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! it might snow.
i am SO ready for spring.
funny thing?
i wrote all of that up there ... last tuesday ... and never hit publish because the randomization seemed kinda short. not quite there. thought i would add a bit more. ran. out. of. time. (and never got an extra workout in ... what the hell was i thinking with that comment anyways?)
and this is where i insert my hasay post ... even even even ... for way too damn long ... and i'm so putting the blame on the fact that i cannot get out of bed. and when i think i can ... i can't do what i need to do because there are little people that need me. i need to rethink and redo and reevaluate and rework my hasaying. 'cause right now i suck. sorry casey.
but ... even better?
spring is SO on it's way here ... now.
truly evidenced by the boxelder bugs EVERYWHERE. in my house. and cora spies them instantly from across the room, yelling BUD ... BUD ... ai-dere ... (translation ... bug, bug, right there) ... and the fact that ALL DAY on sunday ... my children played in the gutter. letting toys float down the "stream" ... it occupied them ... therefore i was not about to interrupt.
even when random people walking past looked at me like i was from outerspace letting my children play in the filth of a gutter. hey. i'm sure i did it as a child. and i'm ... ok ... i think.
they got a bath after ... no fear, my dear.
oh yeah ... more random? i got rid of the sm311y ba11s (someone warned me of google with that last post ... so far so good ... but i'm not taking chances). booted those suckers right over to my friend's room ... it wasn't worth the smell. and the fact that i had to get the measurements right ... wasn't working for me or the kids.
so ... not that today's information added ANYTHING OF ANY RELEVANCE to this random posting ...
but ... it's done and gonna be published in about 2.2 seconds.

visit keely for more random. i promise ... you'll find something better than this. and if not ... just scroll on up to the cute picture of cora sleeping. but totally ignore the sheet set, please.

hey mom? do you want the ugly flannel sheet set with the kitties back?


Casey said...

Wow, that was random. The sleeping on pillows looks comfy, my leg wouldn't even fit on a pillow these days. Get back to HASAYing soon. I've been trying and failing lately also for the same reasons. I'm glad spring has sprung there. It's way too hot in FL already.

Keely said...

You DO have terrible sheets. Um, no offense. But your sheets have really cute accessories.

I let my kid play in the puddles and the mud and the rotten leaves too. It's like, his first time outside and walking on his own EVER. He's allowed to! Mud washes off!

CC said...

I hate it when I get up early and the kids don't let me work out!!!!

~The South Dakota Cowgirl~ said...

You're right- Spring is on it's way! Yay! I can maybe finally start to get rid of this winter weight I gained; oh and get back to riding my ponies!

Kelly said...

You publicly blamed your mom for those sheets? That made me laugh! It's called Bed Bath and Beyond - check it out! teehee

So exciting about you working 4 days next week! part-time is my dream someday!!

Julie@Cool Mom Guide said...

Random and I loved it. I want those sheets, they look COZY!

Sammanthia said...

That was such an awesome bit of randomness I don't even know where to begin.
I have a set of sheets (flannel, no less) with snowmen, reindeer, and stars all over them. SO UGLY. I hide them where noone will see them, but the kids always take them out because they're "comfy". Whatever.
PS Watch The Sweetest Thing for the meaning behind the word "bajiggity". You'll thank me later. Wink.

mrsbear said...

Is it bad that I don't see anything wrong with your sheets. I won't mention the bamboo prints currently on my bed. Eek.

What is it with kids never falling asleep when you need them to. I can't believe you intended to workout at 5:30 in the AM, wow, I can't even open my eyes that early. Happy belated RTT.

Shangrila said...

I love the photo pf your girl asleep on the pillows (and her cuteness totally outweighs any imagined pillowcase ugliness!)

Yay! Spring! SPRING in MN!!! We have been LOVIN' going outside without coats this week!

Boxelder bugs are out already? Really? What the hell?!

I totally agree with letting the girls play outside! My rule is, "If nobody gets hurt and it takes up 5 minutes, we're totally doing it!" No judgement here, dear! :)

bernthis said...

that picture of her sleeping, that is why I had a child.

Captain Dumbass said...

I love flannel. Kitties might be stretching it though.