Tuesday, March 31, 2009

random thoughts.

i have a dried snot wipe across the sleeve of my shirt. pretty sure it's not mine. but i can't quite figure out the who and when ... though. hopefully it happened AFTER i got back from the store. 'cause it's in a place where it really looks like it could have been mine. i swear ... it's not.

we were at a gigantisaurus pet store to get some cat food ... (the key is to actually stay on the ball and get the food BEFORE they run out ... because if you fail to do that ... they ALWAYS run out in the middle of the night and make sure you know all about the starvation that they are being forced to succumb to) ... so yeah ... petstore ... two (extremely) crabby kids in tow ... i literally had to beg (for the shoes and coats to go on) and threaten (taking away stuff if it didn't happen rather quickly) and convince (them that i could not leave them home alone ... and no ... i can't call your auntie to come and watch you). and ... (back to the original story) ... there was a puppy class going on. i found myself telling cora to "sit" over and over and over again.
i should have borrowed a damn clicker.

there was a chocolate lab puppy in the class. collective "awwww". i so wish we would have seen our dog as a pup.

i'm so glad we never owned our dog when she was a pup.

march ... hell, almost april ... is kicking my butt. i want to be thankful for the upcoming spring ... but today ... on my way to work ... i managed to drive through sunny skies, rain, hail AND snow. please note ... i live approximately 7 minutes away from where i work.

and that weather i just noted? managed to send my dad into a full out highway spin resulting in a rolled-over truck (his) and numerous other cars in ditches (not his) ... and his biggest complaint besides the sore muscles was that ... all of his quarters that he's been saving to use in the meters to go kayaking went EVERYWHERE. in the mud and muck. i just happened to mention to him that it might be important to be a wee bit thankful FOR LIFE at this point. (i know i am incredibly thankful that he is JUST sore.)

and the fargo flooding? holy. that is sure stirring up memories that have been suppressed for some time. we lived in grand forks, north dakota 12 years ago. floods of 1997. threw so many sandbags that spring. felt absolutely shitty that it probably didn't matter as i sat and watched the news from my mom's living room. i remember the helicopters the most. especially the one that came around in the middle of the night (after sandbagging and helping friends move things from the basement apartments) ... waking us up and telling us that we were being evacuated. sending hope to the residents that are being affected there ...

i also remember them closing the bars and the liquor stores.

i bet i wouldn't even notice if the bars or liquor stores were closed anymore. unless of course my wine supply diminished. but that could take weeks, seriously ... maybe months.

congratulations to my good friends p and r on the new baby max ... (love his mohawk!)

my eye is mysteriously pink. and reddish. and watering. but my school nurse told me that it's not pinkeye if there isn't the goopy gunk. do you think that is the medical term for that crap that crusts over the eyes of a person infected with pinkeye? goopy gunk?

i hate wearing glasses. not because i hate my glasses ... no ... actually i love that i picked out a magenta colored pair of fun glasses. i dispise the fact that all of the children on the autism spectrum that i work with ... CAN. NOT. GET. OVER. THE. FACT. THAT. I'M. WEARING. GLASSES. drives them bonkers and we don't get anything done.

had a meeting this week with a parent. let's just say ... apple. and ... tree.

i think it's time to be done now ... my brain is all clear.


until next week ... visit keely at the unmom for more random tuesday thoughts ... (and seriously ... if i could just get the button to link y'all there ... i wouldn't have to do quite as much linking ... but i am not so saavy in the technical department).


GreenJello said...

I totally identify with the cat food crisis... how can you possibly STARVE your cat to DEATH in the middle of the night? Don't you know they MUST have FOOD at all times, or they will waste away to nothing?

Sprite's Keeper said...

Nice randomness! When we run out of dog food, we end up giving them our food until John can get them restocked. Funny, I think they LIKE it when we run out.

3 Peas in a Pod said...

Apple and tree? I'm on the floor rolling. That was a kick.

So happy your Dad is ok. How funny is he that he's ticked about his quarters flailing about.

I feel badly for the people in Fargo. Devastating.

We have the same conversations here with my kids about not leaving them alone. They just don't get it!

Thanks for the comment on my blog. I'd love to meet you too. You sound like a blast!!

Much love from NJ,

Pamela said...

great header!
and i remember meeting with the trees about the apples. makes you want to bang your head. blech.

i hear you and the steenk are going back-to-back at my place. sounds like fun.

Keely said...

lol, poor kids.

I'm glad your dad is okay - that's scary! Tell him I'll mail him some quarters, but they'll be Canadian, so they'll only be worth 3/4 as much.

Happy belated Tuesday!

Peggy said...

Good thing your Dad is okay...sucks about the quarters...
ps - your dad kayaks? macho!

anymommy said...

Wow, I'm so glad your Dad is all right. We are having that exact same weather...it is driving me insane.

The Mister said...

So I ***KNOW*** I have sent you email and yet? I can't email you. Hormones. Maybe the computer has sympathetic hormones. Anyway. The baby just started to lose it, so email me thedaytontime at gmail dot com or pamela at bnbsound dot com and later when nobody's losing it I'll email you back.

hopefully nobody will be losing it.

and there's really no list.

The Mister said...

and that last one is not from the mister. it's from pamela but i opened the wrong browser because i have sympathetic hormones. meh.

~The South Dakota Cowgirl~ said...

"had a meeting this week with a parent. let's just say ... apple. and ... tree."

This does not sound like a good meeting!