Tuesday, March 24, 2009

random notes to the universe ...

to whom it may concern,
THANK YOU for taking the initiative to make sure that dollar bills and money are completely washable.
love ...
the woman that is pretty positive that the universe is telling her to go and spend $15.05 on something entirely for herself
to whom it may concern,
THANK YOU for allowing your child to provide germs for the rest of the world's children so that my girly-girls can acquire a little stomach bug that makes you feel completely awesome except for the fact that they have the runs.
love ...
the woman that will no longer take her children to play at indoor play gyms (this is entirely the reason why i feel that taking my children to run in a run-down strip mall is totally ok)
to whom it may concern,
THANK YOU for jumpstarting my brain into thinking about a blog post re-enacting if you give a mouse a muffin when i told you of my husband's role in redoing stella's bedroom.
love ...
the woman that is now picking out oh-so-much-more than just a paint color and a new bedspread
to my husband,
THANK YOU for giving me another blog post when stella asked what a cigarette is.
oh yeah ... and THANK YOU for redoing stella's bedroom. it's gonna be spectacular.
love ...
the woman that sleeps next to you (most nights)
to my friend,
THANK YOU for calling me to catch up and planning a night out on wednesday. i'm SO gonna need it.
love ...
the woman that never calls often enough and really needs a glass of wine
to my dad,
THANK YOU for helping out with the playroom downstairs. and for totally not chiming in when i found a color that i want it painted. even when my husband disagrees.
love ...
the woman that you once held in your arms as a baby
to the internets,
THANK YOU for still coming to visit even though i haven't been around much at all lately. by the way ... what do you get when you add up a mama on spring break with a husband on vacation plus an ENTIRE bedroom to redo plus two beautiful girly girls plus wanting to enjoy every minute? the answer? minimal blogging time. i'll be back with stories and pictures. promise. and i will totally be here before stella's birthday for her birthday post.
love ...
the woman that can't seem to get it all done
to stella,
seriously? FIVE?
love ...
the woman that held you in her arms as a baby almost five years ago, but it truly felt like yesterday.

for more random tuesday thoughts ... visit keely over at the unmom.


Sprite's Keeper said...

to jen,
THANK YOU for sharing your kind words and thoughts with the blogosphere at large. you truly make us smile.
one of your followers

~The South Dakota Cowgirl~ said...

That was beautiful. Did you do your photo in picnik?

3 Peas in a Pod said...

I love random. My boys have that same mysterious virus about feeling completely fine and having the runs. They weren't at an indoor play gym either...just school. Wonder how long it lasts. We're on day 8.

Lucky girl getting to redo Stella's room. Sounds like fun. Hope you'll post pictures when it's finished.

Much love from NJ,

Casey said...

Happy birthday Stella! Congrats on the found money and the right paint color. Yay.

Christy said...

I took my kids to a local children's museum, and now everyone is sick. Damn germs.

Keely said...

My kid just spent most of the afternoon rolling around in the ball pit at the local kid-atorium. I'm sure he even licked a few. We'll see what kind of issues he has in the next few days.

(Do you know how hard it was for me to not giggle about ball-licking? Hi, I'm 12)

Shangrila said...

Aww! Your girl is gonna be 5?! West's th birthday kinda got to me, too! The bedroom makeover sounds awesome! Be sure to post pictures when you can-hope your girls feel better and that you all enjoy your family time together! :)

MaggieBrown said...

Every year will fly faster by, so enjoy every second. As far as the kids catching germs, check out this fun program called Germy Wormy Germ Awareness for Germ Transportation Vehicles ages 2 -7. Since my daughter learned it in daycare, she doesn't bring those germs home as much. It teaches kids in a mom-invented and drug-free way how to both avoid AND keep from spreading germs. Tell your kids' teachers or daycare providers, or try it at home!


Give kids a PLACE to give their germs to, instead of YOU!

CC said...

Happy birthday to Stella!

Travis Erwin said...

You know, money laundering is illegal.