Monday, March 9, 2009

mamas got a question for you!

i just came across this meme over here ...

and quite honestly ...

stellers has been begging her mama for a chance to BLOG! (that's my girl ...) apparently she has something profound to tell y'all. so this was the perfect opportunity to give the little big girl a platform from which to speak

(while still maintaining a slight amount of control over what she was wanting to say ... and therefore ... me having to edit what she was saying ... without ever letting her know.)

did that make any sense to you? no? me, neither ... moving on.

presenting ... my stella.. (who speaks in shades of pink and purple ... 'cause she does EVERYTHING in shades of girly ...)

(with a few minor edits from the original source ... because we all know i can't do uppercase and 23 questions just doesn't cut it ... mama needs an even number ... is that the SLP in me? i need to be able to figure out the percentage quicklier? whatev.)

1. what is something mama always says to you?
-- um ... brush your teeth and go potty. um ... nobody wants to know the go potty part.
... always? ... really? ... i was thinking that i just say that in the morning!

2. what makes mommy happy?
-- cleaning up my room. and when i eat all my food.
... i wish that she knew that SHE just makes me happy ... just being her.

3. what makes mom sad?
-- i don't know. (insert sad pouty face here) what makes you sad? do you know something that makes you sad?
... have i ever mentioned that she's my thinker and my emotion-filled daughter? ...

4. how does your mama make you laugh?
-- make jokes. and tells me funny funny funny funny stories.
... i try try try try ... 'cause those deep tummy giggles can totally fix a bad day ...

5. what was your mommy like as a child?
-- um ... you had a monkey that you slept with. you played with your baby sister and your toys and played in the bathtub and played.
... right on ...

6. how old is your mom?
-- 44 ... um ... 55 ... no ... i think it's 51. i don't know. 31. yeah. 31. is that it?

... ... ... i'm 32 ... ... ... ok, 32.
... mama couldn't let that one slip by unremarked on ...

7. how tall is your mama?
-- ok ... my mom is 17 inches.
... when does she start kindergarten, and when do they teach measurement? ...

8. what is mommy's favorite thing to do?
-- take naps. be on the computer. play with me.
... i can't remember my last nap, not a good sign ...

9. what does your mom do when you're not around?
-- i bet she cleans my room and washes the dishes.
... not willingly ... i'd rather nap.

10. if your mama becomes famous, what will it be for?
-- 'cause she loved me.
... you are probably right ... drama queen ... you'll probably be the famous one.

11. what is your mommy really good at?
-- um ... washing the dishes. and teaching me stuff. and rubbing my feet.
... apparently ... i'm the only one that is good at rubbing her feet!

12. what is your mom not very good at?
-- feeding the bird and washing the bird cage.
... at least she had a hard time thinking of something ... and the bird was behind her ... so i'm guessing this was a total guess ...

13. what does your mama do for her job?
-- she's a speech-a-thologist ... a-tho ... a thalagist. she talks to kids.
... we'll have to work on that ...

14. what is your mommy's favorite food?
-- lettuce.
... no honey ... i just try to eat it more often ...

15. what is your mom's favorite thing to drink?
-- mocha.
... ok ... but how often does THAT happen? ...

16. what makes you proud of your mama?
-- that she helps me clean my room.
... so glad i could make you proud! ...

17. if your mommy were a cartoon character, who would she be?
-- (insert glowing face) ... Alex's mom ... on wizards of waverly place ...
honey ... she's not a cartoon character ... cartoons are like drawings ... ok, then i would say mickey mouse. or daisy duck.
... interesting, or not ...

18. what do you and your mom do together?
-- play barbies when my sister is sleeping. and feed the cats.
... i think that i'm really the only one around here feeding the cats ...

19. how are you and your mama the same?
-- you almost have the same color hair that i do ... but yours is more red though.
... she's right! ...

20. how are you and your mommy different?
-- our skin is different colors ... see ... mine is a little darker.
... she's totally off on this one! ...

21. how do you know your mom loves you?
-- because i love her and she loves me.
... so simple yet ... there is so much more ...

22. what chore does mama not like to do?
-- clean up all the clothes. and get the spiders. big spiders, especially.
... oh yes ... i hate to get the spiders and the boxelder bugs ... ugh ... they fly into your head ... i would rather get a fast small spider ...

23. where is your mommy's favorite place to go?
-- to the fish cafe.
... sounds silly if you don't live in our house! ... downstairs in the playroom ... we have stella's fish cafe and cora's pizza kitchen ... just what they've named their areas ... daddy and i go on dates there quite often ... but not often enough!

24. how do you know mommy loves daddy?
-- oh i know why ... this is really crazy ... 'cause you guys are married.
... mama LOVES this answer ... like marriage precipitates the love ... cute.

25. what is something that your mama wishes for?
-- she wishes that she could get all her pictures back on her camera. and maybe for some more games for her wii. and a pony. she wants a pony.
... more than anything ... i just want my girly girls to live a fulfilled and happy life ... well ... and a pony ... probably a horse.

** disclaimer **
when i decided to do this ... i thought it looked like fun! insight from my little! how exciting! how fun! what a grand way to spend a few minutes together!

and from the outside ... it looks all cheery! and happy! and fun for all!

bologna! ... (which i would so rather spell - baloni - ) ...

this task was like pulling teeth from a lion ... taking a bone from an angy dog ... taking a sucker from a toddler ...
A.W. to the F.U.L.

are we done yet? how many more? i don't know mommy! i don't wanna do this anymore!

it took DAYS to get through it!

there were several completely awful mommy moments of ... "fine ... then we just won't do it! i don't care ... it's just a blog!"
(insert whiny pathetic voice here) ... but-i-wanna-do-a-blog! i-wanna-do-it!

in other words ... attempt at your own risk.
this blog mama cannot be held responsible ... for anything.


Casey said...

Well even though it was tough to extract the info, it was really cute! Kids are funny with how they perceive things, I love it. Great meme!

Sprite's Keeper said...

Great meme, indeed, but my kid's answers would all be: "Cheese stick?" "Watch a Sleeping Doody?"
"Yoo hoo!" and "Sleeping Doody!" (Yeah, the princess bears repeating.)

HeatherPride said...

Hilarious! I love that you are 17 inches tall. You are Barbie are probably BFFs, right?

3 Peas in a Pod said...

I loved this post. Thought about doing it myself then thought better of it. My oldest is a boy. I can't find out what happened at school let alone get him to do his Kindergarten homework which is 3-5 questions long without a hassle. Maybe I'll wait until my daughter gets older...much older.

Great job and I'm sure it was AWFULLLLLL but well worth it for us readers. Thanks for doing it!!

Much love from NJ,

Keely said...

Heh, I've been amused by this meme as I've seen it crop up. My kid doesn't talk yet. Or rather, every answer would be, "woof!".

Laufa said...

Those were some super cute answers, even if it was like pulling teeth. At least you will be able to show her when sh is a little older, how her perception of the world has changed.

A Buns Life said...

I love this....we are on spring break now so I will have to try this with both kiddos!! We will see how far we get!