Saturday, March 28, 2009


note ... i pre-dated this post ... 'cause i'm classy like that.
today. (wink wink)

you turned five.

mama was worried and fretted a bit about five. it seemed so big. too big. older. too old.

but you slid so seamlessly into it.

you woke me up this morning ... jumped on top of me and announced, "guess what mama! i'm five now!" and we snuck out of bed, leaving daddy and cora to sleep some more. we cuddled on the couch and talked about five. and getting big. and what mommy was doing five years ago. at that very moment.

and we watched handy manny.

and i realized that what felt like this reallyreally big day was kinda just like any other day.

and so did you. because you told me that you didn't really feel any bigger than yesterday.

and all of that is just fine by me ... because it made it oh-so-much-easier than i thought it was gonna be.

and because i started all of this a year ago for my girly-girls ... here are five reasons why i love you on your fifth birthday.

by the way ... i could come up with a thousand ...

1. your thinking.
you think about everything. everything is worth pondering ... even when it drives us a wee bit crazy. you contemplate life and feelings. you contemplate actions and ideas. sometimes, it may hinder you. sometimes that thinking stops you from just doing. and i hope that someday we can find that balance for you.

2. your humor and laughter.
i find you to be absolutely hilarious lately. you are my own personal comic relief in my day. you have the goofiest mannerisms and actions that you do when being silly. a thumbs-up with a cheesy smile. you have such a variety of giggles and laughs. but my most absolute favoritist is your deep belly laugh when you find something to be overwhelmingly funny. you have a fake laugh and silly giggle ... but it's the deep laugh that gets me every time. i remember first hearing it when you were a baby. and it doesn't emerge too often often enough.

3. your kindness.
you are always thinking of others. you want to make sure that others are happy and cared for. you have concern for people and animals and things in the world. it's what i have always hoped for in my children and that makes a mama proud.

4. your girlishness.
you are the epitome of pink. you love all things girly. and i love it ... because i never did. until you came along. if it's pink and frilly and twirls ... it reminds everyone of you. add sparkly and it becomes you.

5. your confidence.
i hope you don't ever let your thinking or your silliness or your girly attitude get in the way of your confidence. i want you to ooze confidence. but i worry that you don't believe in yourself as much as i hope you do. it's silly that at the age of five ... i can already see worry and frustration creeping into your being. but i do ... and mama bear wants to extinguish that. i want you to know that you are a beautiful person. you have the kindest heart and i want you to know that i am most proud to be your mommy.

i love you. as big as the universe. happy fifth birthday baby.
i hope all of your wishes and dreams come true.


Sprite's Keeper said...

Beautiful. A big happy birthday to such an amazing little girl!

Connie Weiss said...

Happy 5th Birthday!

3 Peas in a Pod said...

Happy 5th birthday to your girl and I also think it's the Mama's day too.

Much love from NJ,

Pamela said...

Happy birthday! Hope the Mama got some flowers or chocolate or something a little more special than cleaning up wrapping paper.

steenky bee said...

What a beautiful tribute to your little one! Happy Birthday!!!

Kelle said...

LOVE to see all you're doing with your camera! your pics are better and better! glad you are having fun with it...and sweet little tribute for a sweet little five year old!