Friday, March 28, 2008

4 years...4 reasons why i love you.

happy birthday baby. i can't believe that it's been four years since you were born. i can't believe that four years ago, i was eagerly awaiting your arrival into this world. i knew you...but didn't know who you were. i was thrilled beyond belief that you were my little GIRL. i was so excited to give you your name. i loved every inch of you...and swore i would never do it again (we all know that didn't happen). speaking of are amazing at everything you do...including being a big sister. you make me proud every single day.

i love everything about you...but here are the top four today.

1. your love to pretend and you are always trying to figure this world out on a consistent basis. we pretend that we have babies, we pretend that we are going to the zoo (and watch you in a dolphin show), we pretend to scuba dive around the house (and look for dog-fish and cat-fish), we go to stella's fish cafe at least once per week...
2. your have the most fun and silly attitude. you love life and you love making people laugh. you share your energy and love with so many people.

3. your are the girl that i never was. you love pink. you love dresses and skirts. you love things that twirl and sparkle. you love princesses and babies.

4. your much as it frustrates me at times. you are becoming an independent thinker. you have your opinions and you make them known. you stand up for yourself. you are a talker and a thinker...and always want to discuss things that may be bothering you.

keep it up baby. keep being independent and silly. keep imagining and dreaming. stand up for the things that you believe in - and always believe in yourself. i love you as big as the universe (or galaxy...whichever is bigger).

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