Friday, March 7, 2008

if you ever leave me...

so i've decided that i'm going to use this blog (which is constantly evolving) keep track of funny things that kids tell me...i hear so many funny things every day and have always wanted to keep track of them...but haven't ever done so.
so here goes:
belly says to me, calmly i must add, "so, i was thinking, if you and daddy ever forget me at home, but take -coconut- with you...i can eat cereal and goldfish crackers and bars and apples...but i can't drink anything because i don't have any cups down low and i can't pour."
i responded with (note: i was very tired), "well, we'll have to put a cup down low and teach you how to pour then."
i realized my mistake - oops - "oh, yeah, and would mommy and daddy ever leave you home alone?? no, we would never do that...but i still think it might be a good idea to learn how to pour yourself something to drink. and who could you go to for help if we weren't here or something happened?? you should remember that you can go to a neighbor's house if you ever need help."

i can't believe that i actually responded that i would teach her how to pour before acknowledging that we wouldn't ever put her in that position! and that she would try to fend for herself rather than finding someone to help! we have plenty of neighbors that she knows really well. silly girl. i'm sure she's spent the last few nights lying AWAKE in her bed thinking/planning what to do. i sure love her.

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