Saturday, March 1, 2008

do i really want to do this?

i have a few favorite blogs that i look at on a regular basis...but just decided to try my hand at starting my own. feels kinda weird putting it all out there.

i'm kinda looking at this as a way to keep out of state friends/family involved in our family's going ons. i really think that people will venture into internet space to see more about us? probably not, we really aren't that exciting. but maybe this will just be a good place for me to vent...without having to drive my husband crazy. i tend to talk too much...about things that he just wishes i would fix - rather than discuss. it's a male/female thing. i know...we just read the female brain by louann brizendine, md. i think the male brain is supposed to come out soon. i should check on that.

well...another day.


A Buns Life said...

Look at you! A year later you've DONE it!

Casey said...

Welcome to blogging. I'm a little late.