Monday, March 10, 2008

growing up

i cannot believe that my oldest "baby" will be turning 4 (-F-O-U-R-) on the 28th. she is too quickly moving to being a big person and i'm not sure i'm ready for that. belly reminded me last night, after i begged her to stay 3 for at least another year, that her birthday is coming rather quickly (we counted 19 days).

we have always encouraged finding someone or something to support for her limits the # of gifts (toys!) that enter our small space and encourages her to make a discovery that giving is often better than receiving. in the past, we've helped zebras and bunnies...and this year she wants to help horses (that's my girl!) but...i have to say that this has been the HARDEST year to encourage this giving spirit. belly wants to help, but wants to GET presents too. i understand it completely (it's also fun to get sometimes)...and we don't completely eliminate ALL gifts...we just try to reduce the incoming and increase her ability to realize that there are people that need more than she/we does/do. the organization that we found this year, is so thankful and has agreed to let her bring by her donation so that she can meet some of the animals that she will be helping. she has also asked if she can buy them some things (here we come, fleet farm). so we will be making some horsey-related purchases too...i hope that will help her realize what a good thing she is doing.

so in the same blog - i have wished for her to mature enough to make the understanding that giving is good and indicated my desire that i want her to stay little and innocent forever. i can't have i guess i'll just have to be thankful for what she is...right now.

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