Monday, March 24, 2008


last night i actually created a list with all of the things that i need to write about on here sometime during my spring break. it looked like this:

- easter (and how we hopped around - thanks v...that makes me laugh)

- birthday plans (for my belly's party)

- spring break (and all the not-so-exciting things that i have planned)

- my good friend becoming a mommy (and me breaking down when i think about it)

- giving your marriage a spark (sounds interesting doesn't it?)

but all i really want to shout from the rooftops right now is:


i know i know...all the baby books say that it should have happened earlier. but belly didn't sleep through the night until she was 3...yes, you read that right - 3! so at 10 months my baby might not be as active (walking) or as verbal (talking) as her big sister...but i might just be able to have a stretch of sleep that i so dream of! don't worry - i just knocked on wood. (oh - and add a discussion on my favorite pieces of furniture from my favorite store). it was lovely...i actually awoke at 7:00 before both of the girls! and now i have some time to do something like this! yeah me! now i get to actually plan my day before getting immersed in concept! and drink a cup of coffee?? oh my goodness...

hmmm....let's see. girls dressed and to daycare (i know...horrible mommy...but i have so much i want to get done - and it is SO much easier minus girls)...fabric store (for belly and for a baby that i can't wait to meet)...paint store (to look at samples for my new craft area in our house...thank you...oh maybe a discussion about that too)...home to pick up a out...and pick up girls. full get going! oh and i'm hearing a "mommmmmmmmy..." but it's from belly...maybe i should check on coconut too?? see ya.

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