Monday, March 3, 2008

fast forward...

so that last entry had a relatively OLD picture included. now that i've let a few people know about this *blog* (AKA glimpse into our household)...i thought i should include a newer picture!

this was taken by a good family friend, who has just started a new photography "business" (i put that in quotes because i'm not sure how "business" oriented he's trying to make it...) chad - let me know if you want me to include your website. he's good at what he does! we really enjoyed our photo shoot and had so many pictures to choose from...i'll try to include more later.

his business name is Chad Bailey Photography

here is one of our favorites from the shoot (taken at the zoo - one of our favorite places to be!)

hopefully, i'll have more exciting stuff to share in the near future...

have a great day!

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