Monday, March 31, 2008


coconut DEFINITELY has at least one word.
it's pretty frustrating.
it's pretty constant.
it means -
mama pick me up, mama i'm all done, mama i want something/anything/outta here, mama she's bothering me, mama he's bothering me, mama i see you, mama are you there, mama i'm not sleeping, mama i wanna sleep, mama i don't wanna sleep, mama i wanna eat, mama i don't wanna eat, mama where are you going, mama when are you going to be back, mama i love you.
that's the best one...when you pick her up and she pats you on the back and says "mama".
the speech-language pathologist in me was really excited to hear her first words.
the mommy in me is really excited to listen to her say mommy.
the individual in me gets really tired when i hear it constantly.
i forgot how many times mommy/mom/mama could be used in a 24 hour period. (i'll calculate that for tomorrow...wait, no, i'll calculate that on saturday when we all together for 24 hours...or more excitingly...i'll calculate that both tomorrow AND saturday and we'll have a comparison).
oh, now a reader will check back to see if i actually did it.
know where to get one of those counter thingys that people use? i have a feeling i'm gonna need one - paper and pencil just won't work - and the mommy brain will NOT remember it.
oooo, it's a cliffhanger...check back.

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jennifer said...

Oh boy oh boy do I KNOW what you mean. My daughter, 11 months, can say mama and only mama and that's what she wails ALL DAY.