Wednesday, April 2, 2008


ever get the feeling that you have a gigantic red permanent marker, circled for extra emphasis, F- on your forehead?
i swear...that's how i've felt about everything in my life these past few days.
treatment time F- (i don't provide treatment as well as i used to...i don't plan ahead...i see kiddos in these huge groups and i don't know that i'm actually making a difference for them...)
paperwork F- (i CANNOT keep up with it...believe it or not, i actually think that the kiddos are more important than the paperwork...paperwork police would not agree)
meetings/parent contact F- (why can't i get ahold of anyone that i need to, during the 2 minutes and 30 seconds that i have available?)
my own kids F- (it used to be a boob that made coconut she needs more - and i don't know if i have exactly what she needs...belly, on the other hand, just wants me to play - and i never feel that i have enough time...see below)
housework F- (i don't know how the toy boxes spill over when no one is looking...i don't know how we lose at least one hamster full of hair from animals each day on my carpets...)
husband F- (he has been home for a whole week and a 1/2 and we aren't used to that...weird, i know...apparently we get on each other's nerves when we are together too much)
presentation F- (varying my bun, TWO buns, or a ponytail...oooooo...i choose clothes based upon the fact that they aren't covered in milk stains or baby snot...very attractive)
friends F- (could i call someone back within at least 3 days of them calling me?)
i think i'm failing.


Kelle said...

Hi Jen! Thanks for checking out my blog. I use Microsoft Digital Image's not that expensive. And I get all my layouts free online. Try

Kelle said...

...oh, mine is almost 11 months. May 18th! Yes, same age!

Kelly said...

You are so funny! I just read your entire blog!! I'm home on spring break and about to deliver my first baby girl so I guess you could say I'm electronically nesting. I came by your blog via Kelle's amazing blog!! Just added you to my favorites :)

dig this chick said...

Jen, Thanks so much for your thoughtful comment. The whole F- thing...I think we all go through it when we are learning to balance our families and our careers and oh yeah, make time to do things we like too. I am new at parenting and had F days before my bug. Now, it is a whole new game of balance. It is so hard to decide what goes when you love it all.

Bug's doc called last week to check in and said that I can get my work done and take care of my baby but something has to give, so she asked if I was well hydrated and nourished. If I was getting plenty of rest. Um, no.

Anyway, go easy on yourself. You'll catch up like you always do and probably be better for it. Oh, and hi to my cyber friends Kelly and Kelle.