Tuesday, April 8, 2008

up up up up up up-dates...

- mama. saturday's count of mamas - non-existant. daddy let me sleep in that morning...after being up for less than an hour...i had made it to 100. what? apparently that's as high as i can count. i guess we need to guesstimate. 1200?? oops...minus the 2 hours of naps. 1000. well...at least 1000 in the 8:30 am-8:30 pm range of time.

- daddy...come home already. we miss you. you drove us all (including yourself) a little crazy when you were around for practically 3 weeks. but now that you've been gone for 3 days. we miss you again.

- work. let's not even go there. blah blah blah. it's boring information about myself anyways.

- did i really just hear a forecast for possible snow again? ugh. (mother nature if you are listening...i'm done with winter!)

- coconut's gonna be 1! she turned 11 months on the 3rd. i can't believe it. she's pointing to everything and saying "dat?" she pointed at skye-dog the other day, turned to boppa, and said "dog". (just in case, he didn't know). very cute. she gets so excited when her mama walks in a room. (she's definitely a mama's girl - i love it.)

- i've officially decided on pink for my new crafting area. i'm excited to start trying some digital scrapbooking stuff i've been reading about here. (oooo, i just figured out how to do a link...i've been meaning to try that!) this summer is going to be all about fun with the girls and rediscovering my love of craft stuff. maybe i can actually finish the girls' scrapbooks with this digital idea?? we'll see. i've found some wonderful blogging mommy's that are using it...and they've given me some ideas. i might just have to "purchase" before the summer so that it doesn't come down to money (argh...school year paycheck).
well...off to get the girls.

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Kelle said...

YAY! Can't wait to see what pages you create with digital scrapbooking. You'll have so much fun with it...the opportunities are endless!