Thursday, March 6, 2008


argh...coconut threw us for a loop on tuesday, when she was misdiagnosed with pnemonia at her regular clinic (103 temp with crackily chest congestion)...send home with antibiotics and steroids. came home, napped (while moaning the entire time) for 1 1/2 hours. i went in to check on her and she was lying there with her eyes open (usually she would be sitting up, smiling, standing...something). i reached down to grab her and could immediately feel the heat radiating off of her. checked her temp...104.8! immediately gave her tylenol to break the fever and an hour later, it hadn't dropped. nurse line said to go into the ER. belly screamed, "are they going to cut her open?"

off to the ER we go, with good friend kris in tow (sorry, you missed a good dinner!) after getting belly situated with a neighbor and the promise of boppa coming soon. arrived to a very crowded lobby of the children's ER...and waited for our turn.

long story short...

after a catheter, blood draw, x pnemonia, but a uti. we got an antibiotic in her and were able to go home to catch...oh, about 3 hours of sleep before belly awoke. then dealt with her having a stomach bug (or is it just the awful cherry taste of her meds that she can't keep down?) one else can emote such great love and terror within your heart at the same time.

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Christine said...

Oh no! Glad it all worked out, though, and I hope she is feeling better. Poor thing. We're dealing with croup (Wren) and the flu (Kira) over here, and an ear infection for Noah. It just seems like it never ends, doesn't it? Hugs to you. :)