Friday, May 22, 2009

jeremy and jen ... plus 10 ...

sounds like a great title for a reality show, doesn't it?

we're a little concerned with how all the publicity would affect the family, though ... so ... it's probably not gonna happen anytime soon.
i mean ... there are definite pros and cons to living the life of jeremy and jen +10 ... we've weighed our options ... believe me ...

my hair would always be styled ... jeremy would have more hair ...

i would end up sounding bitchy which i would blame all on editing and jeremy might end up cohorting with a younger woman ...

we'd take the best vacations and the pets would bask in the best pet hotels that our city has to offer.

we could be on oprah.

we could actually afford the house that i drool over EVERY. DAY. in which every member of our family would have their OWN ROOM. (in addition to their own bedroom).

i (i mean) our faces would be plastered ... all over magazines and newspapers.

but ... alas ... the poor dog and cats and bird and fish ...
and girly-girls ... of course ...
would be stuck in the middle of it.

and all the drama that would be sure to ensue.
there are definitely pros and cons in the life of a reality tv star.

{insert perfect transitional segue here.}

there are also pros and cons to each member of our zoo (not including jeremy, jen and the children) ... let me introduce you to all of them in the zoo ... that were introduced once already when very few(er) people read this blog (in a sort of pet bloggy takeover style) .

tequila ... (aka quila-b)
pro: put up with us during our college years. hence the name.
con: never realized how much it would scar my children when daddy asked a friend if he would like to go and shoot some tequila.
pro: gives kisses.
con: screams. i never thought about naptime when i purchased him at the age of 20.

jazz ... (aka jazzical, jazzy, punkin)
pro: cuddle bunny.
con: hair balls.
pro: sweetest meow.
con: sometimes all night.

jet ... (aka zhet - that would be a french accent, jet-man, freak-out-city)
pro: stays with stella while she falls asleep.
con: nudges her hand so that she keeps petting him ... thus keeping her awake.
pro: hides when company is there.
con: has been known to hide in a white sink.

skye ... (aka skye-dog, skye-bear)
pro: watch dog
con: snores
pro: totally awesome with the girly-girls
con: eats hot chocolate mix and pukes up hot chocolate (once)

rain ... (aka rain-man, rainy, the biting cat)
pro: soft and cute
con: hisses at people he doesn't know
pro: (it's hard to come up with two, this cat was brought home in a moment of total maternal pregnancy hormones overdrive - big mistake). ok ... um ... i think he's related to jazz (and before you get all "listen to the crazy cat lady" while circling your finger around your ear ...) they are from the same farm ... and you all know those promiscuous barn cats ... he looks like jazzy's daddy exactly ... so i'm pretty sure they are related ... anyone care to pay for the dna testing to see if i'm right??
con: which is why i had to have him. even when i thought he was a she. thanks beth.

fish (1-2-3) ... (aka fish)
pro: goldfish are so pretty
con: goldfish poop a lot
pro: one died
con: we had to incorporate another fish into the 3rd fish slot for the never going to be picked up by ANY network reality tv show.

jeremy and jen ... plus ten ...

(it has a certain ring to it, no?? sounds kinda familiar ... but why?)

pets. the topic of this weeks spin cycle ... head on over to sprite'skeeper's place to see more pet stories!


blissfully caffeinated said...

For a minute I thought you were thinking about having 8 more kids. And then I would have had to question your sanity.

Sprite's Keeper said...

You're right, it's a zoo! I could never keep track! I love the pros and cons though. I don't think my dogs want to see my pros and cons. You're linked!

Casey said...

I say do it but skip the TV show and go straight to a book deal.

Heather said...

Dog throwing up Hot Chocolate mix....yum?!? You definately have your hands full!!!

Pamela said...

I thought you were telling us you were the new octomom and I was about to get on a plane to come out there and smack you.

Except for children are a gift. So maybe I wouldn't do that, really.

Kelle said...

I didn't realize you have so many pets! Your girls are really so beautiful!