Wednesday, May 20, 2009

two ... in all it's glory.

the remarker ... constantly saying ... "i two."
to anyone that will listen.

the realizer ... that when you hold up two fingers (while remarking "i two" of course) ... that this coordinates with two nostrils and if you bring those two fingers up to your nose ... they fit ... perfectly.
much to the demise of your mama.

the giggler ... who thinks it's funnier to say "i toot" or "i burp" ... instead of "excuse me".
which your big sister thinks is TOTALLY hilarious.

the book-wormish reader ... with always a magazine or book in tow ... "i read" you tell me.
to the delight of your book-lovin' mama.

the pretender ... who after putting her baby to bed ... yelled ... "baby seeping ... be qiet!" and then slumped your chin into your palm and sighed. which occured just before you asking me to "watch my baby pease." when i inquired where you were going ... you told me you had to "go ride in a peese car".
from the praying that this will never come true grandmommy.

the peanut butter and jelly lover ... self explanatory.
but the 2 am request for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich can't happen all. the. time. ok? (i still can't believe how fast you ate it though.)
wow ... can anyone say apparent 2 am growth spurt?

the wanna be like my big sister-er ... yes ... i totally agree. your big sister rocks. she's awesome. and you will be too. so ... don't try to hard to be like her, ok? be yourself. 'cause you are pretty awesome too.
said the mama that loves you both.


Lesha said...

I am on the verge of two myself. I'm trying to get G to pick up on the "I'm two" statement, but nothing yet.

Fingers in the nose? Check
I poop (toot) and I burp? Check
Needing food at inappropriate hours? Checkity-check-check.

Two is too much fun though!

anymommy said...

Happy Birthday to your little beauty. Here's to another fun year.

Casey said...

Oh no, 2AM requests for pb&j? That can't be good. I love "i two".